Thursday, September 15, 2011

what does this say??

I've been going through some tough stuff lately but I've been blessed with some moments that have made me laugh out loud like this:

We were working on some picture sorts where students are given letters with pictures beside them and then a bunch of pictures to sort under the appropriate letter. Today's sort included the letter "P" with a picture reference of a pig beside it. My Grade 1 friend was sorting a picture of a pen and so I pointed to the "P" to get him to say the "p-uh" sound and identify that the pen picture belonged with the "P" with the picture of the pig. I asked him (while pointing to the "P" card with the picture of the pig), "what does this say?" He looked at me and said "snort! snort!" as he imitated a pig! I laughed so hard. I needed that today.

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