Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mexican Feast

Well, today was the first day back to school-starting with an all day staff meeting. Tomorrow and Thursday we have 1/2 hour meet and greet meetings with all of our families and then our first official day back with all the kids is Friday.

Realizing that the summer was quickly coming to an end, we celebrated the end of a glorious and relaxing summer on Saturday by using one of the many amazing gifts from my Grade 1 friends: a gift certificate for dinner!

Now how amazing is this dinner?!! We started with their famous nachos-yum!
Followed by amazing entrees...
It's a good thing the girls decided to share the fajitas because the meals were huge servings!
Check out my chicken chimichangas!
and the waiter insisted that we try dessert too. We split these 2 between the 5 of us and couldn't quite finish it!
I would highly recommend a visit to this fabulous restaurant. I know we'll be back!

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