Monday, August 1, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 1-self portrait

I'm joining my (not-so-new-anymore) bloggy friend Sonya in a photo challenge.

Here's the challenge:

I'm in!
Day 1: Self-Portrait

I feel this photo needs an explanation. Last night, I went to bed at 2:30am and at 6:00 the phone rang and it was my mom asking me to drive her to hospital. She has been experiencing extreme pain in her arm and shoulder and after a trip to the doctor about a week ago and a visit to the chiropractor there has been no change. An article in the Reader's Digest that she read yesterday about the skater's mom who died at the 2010 Olympics and she had had persistent pain in her arm before she had her heart attack. My Aunt recently had a heart attack and this made my mom concerned. We got to the hospital just after 7:30 and then we waited, and waited, and waited. My mom was called to a room around 10:30 and then she waited there until after 1:00 before she received a prescription for an anti-inflamitory medication. They tested her heart and it is fine. When I talked to her this afternoon, the meds were already working. Praise God!

This has been a summer for ER visits for my family. My sister had her accident in June and is doing remarkably well. She is walking and driving and even posting status updates that she needs to go back to work because she is going crazy. Awesome. My dad has been experiencing fainting spells and after many tests they have decided to put in a pace maker this week. In addition, he has been have arthritic pain in his knee and just got over an infection that makes his surgery this week possible. He will likely have to have knee replacement surgery after he heals from heart surgery. Conrad's Dad didn't want to feel left out and he had his own visit to the ER last week when he slipped at home and cracked a rib. He has been ordered to take it easy as it heals. If you can offer some prayers to our parents as they heal, I would love to have them surrounded in prayer.

So, anyway, after I got home from our LONG ER visit I tried to have a little nap which didn't work out so well, with 2 extra children in the house (my nephew and the girls had a friend over), a hot day and the need for a sprinkler under the trampoline which resulted in many squeals and giggles, and Conrad's desire to finish the shed this afternoon and the shed is right outside our bedroom. So, that explains the tired expression and the hat to cover my bad hair day. The giant white eye circles are a result of wearing my big sunglasses on boat day and beach day. You will, however, notice that I am standing in front of Conrad's completed shed. Woohoo!

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