Sunday, August 14, 2011

Camp Recap

Exactly a week ago, we dropped the kids off at camp. Kade went off to a hockey camp. Here he is all packed up and ready to go. Since Kaden and Conrad went to the family skate before check-in, they left early and were off by themselves on the drive out and Conrad drove home solo.

I drove the girls to their camp and I could barely snap these photos of them with their best friends before I was shoo-ed off and I drove home by myself.

While Conrad and I did enjoy date week, we were excited to have everyone home again. On Friday, we drove out to pick up Kaden. He had had a busy week and looked exhausted! They spent almost 3 hours a day on the ice, an hour dry land training, and still did skills like archery, bmx, horseback riding, and more. Here he is in front of his cabin:We drove home with Kaden, only to have to turn around because Conrad discovered he had left his ipod in the chapel. We didn't get home until after 11:30pm. The next morning, I dropped Kaden off at a birthday party at 9:00 and then drove out to pick up the girls. Kiandra's photos showed some of the fun they had:

I'm so glad our kids have the opportunity to go to camp. I'm thankful for the memories they made and the lessons they learned. I'm thankful for their safety during the week and the friends they connected with. I'm also proud of my kids for handling disappointment (Kiandra didn't eat much all week because she didn't like the food) and tough situations (a counsellor that did not connect well with the campers and occasionally acted like the children she was supposed to lead) with maturity and a smile. Things won't always work out well, and learning how to cope is a life skill that only becomes better with practice.

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TammyIsBlessed said...

You have such awesome kids!

Course, your kids have pretty awesome parents too ;)

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