Saturday, July 9, 2011

RIP Finneas??

What would you think if you saw this:
Since the beginning of June, Kezia's fish Finneas has been floating like this. I first noticed it when Kezia was away for the weekend and I dreaded telling her that Finn had died while she was away. When I told her, she said "oh no, he just sleeps like that" I fake smiled and was about to bring her down gently when she poked at him and he fluttered around, diving and flapping, and then coming to rest in the same position. I figured his days were numbered. It's now been over a month and today I told Kezia to dump her fish (which I assumed was dead by now) out and she told me he was just sleeping. Sure enough, when she poked him, he bounced around the tank. What is up with that? He floats at the top on his side and he appears dead but as soon as you poke him, he is alive. I can't believe it. I wonder how long he'll live before a poke will not be able to rouse him.

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