Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A monster of my own making

There's a word I hate to hear. Years ago it became banned in our house. Users of it were not subject to having their mouths washed out with soap but were subject to extra chores instead. The word: BORED.

I hate when kids say "I'm bored" because there are thousands of things to do. If you are "bored" I can surely find you something to do!

We've been partying pretty hard since school ended. The day school ended Kezia and I went to Casting Crowns and Kaden went to a big birthday bash (and even got to ride in a Hummer limo to get there!). The next day, we were part of a human flag, went to a mud bowl party, enjoyed ice cream, and caught the Canada Day fireworks. On Saturday, Conrad enjoyed a rare Saturday off and so he puttered around the house with Kaden, the girls and their friend went to the mall, and then Conrad and Kaden went to play tennis. We ended the day having Kezia's friend Taryn and her family over for a BBQ supper because they are moving to BC in a few weeks. That night, Taryn slept over and the next morning we went to church. We hosted a late Mother's Day/Father's Day BBQ for both sets of Grandparents for supper and it went late into the evening. On Monday, Kiandra babysat for friends of ours and since they have a boy around Kaden's age, he was invited to join Kiandra for the day. After supper, Kiandra and Kezia went for bike rides with Taryn and then Kaden played video games. In the evening Kiandra got her hair cut. Yesterday morning, Kiandra and Kezia babysat and Kaden went to a friends house. It has been anthing but BORING and yet, it slipped out from Kaden for the first time yesterday after the girls finished babysitting and the girls alluded to "there being nothing to do" in the afternoon. Seriously?!

*sigh* I know that this is the monster I have created with our packed and busy life. My kids do not know how to do 'down time'. I keep them running and going and our time is scheduled out to the minute and when it's not-my kids are "bored". This is something we will work on this summer...learning the art of relaxing.

The girls ended up riding their bikes to dollarama to buy chalk and spent some time decorating our front sidewalk.

Our trampoline broke a few weeks ago and so we have some extra room in our backyard. After seeing photos of my friend's idea for a homemade slip and slide, we constructed our own version.

Kaden is still sleeping over at Nik's house and yesterday the girls slept until almost 10:30. What what kind of adventures (or relaxing!) will today bring?

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