Thursday, July 28, 2011

I will follow you

We've been gifted the use of a second vehicle for almost a year now. While it was supposed to be a temporary solution for Conrad's boss to not have his vehicles sit at the shop (acts of vandalism have been prevalent there) and it also gave Conrad a way to get to and from work without waiting for the bus. Shortly after Christmas, we were able to use one of the vehicles (another van) exclusively and having the use of it has really helped Conrad be a part of the kids' activities. I never really wanted a second vehicle because I am not a fan of driving and having 2 vehicles means that if Conrad meets us somewhere then I still have to drive home. I don't like driving in 2 vehicles and I actually looked forward to picking Con up once the kids were old enough to stay home alone because it became our 15 minute connection time on the ride home.

Two weeks ago, we had left our original van at the dealership for an oil change and a tire replacement. Since we had driven the other van to pick it up, we had 2 vans at the dealership and a stop at Home Depot to make. So we both took a van and started driving. As we were driving, the song "I will follow you" by Chris Tomlin came on the radio and as I drove behind Conrad I could see he was listening to the same song and smiling because I was, in fact, following him. I thought for a minute that it would be funny to catch this on video and then I remembered that I had my video camera in my purse (I usually carry it everywhere!). At a stop sign, I reached into my purse and found it and turned it on. Unfortunately, at the stop sign a car turned and got in between my van and Conrad's but I still managed to get a funny clip of the moment. BTW I was concentrating on driving and not filming and that's why the tape is what it is.

I love moments like this that make me smile.

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