Thursday, June 9, 2011

Marathon Training

I initiated my new runners yesterday evening!

My ticker on the side of my blog says that Marathon Day is just 10 days away. This has been a terribly busy Spring and I know that I have spent more time in my van than I have spent on the treadmill. Between driving from soccer games to the pool to soccer tournaments to birthday parties to school and back I have been neglecting my training for the relay. The first time I ran the relay, I ran 2-3 times a week for 9 weeks before the big day. This year, I have run twice since the 5K I did a few weeks ago. Yesterday, I got on the treadmill and I was determined to run my leg of the relay. I had my computer in place of a book on the reading platform of the treadmill and I watched the finale of the biggest loser while I ran. I set my pace at 4.5 but had to lower it slightly after about 20 minutes. As I watched, I kept running....slow....but still running. I ran the whole leg (5.6 miles!) without stopping. I was pretty proud that I could do it even though I have been slacking on my training. Since the show I was running to was still going, I slowed to a walk and then walked until the show was over. I ran over an hour and including a warm up walk and a cool down walk, I was on the treadmill for 1 hour 33 minutes and covered a distance of 6.330 miles.

I know I can run my leg in 10 days and that feels good. I do look forward training more consistently one day...maybe when my kids decide to give up their Spring sports!

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~ L ~ said...

Is that the Father's day marathon? If there is only one, Tami is in that one too. That's pretty great you could do that with so little training, maybe our 3 hour walk helped :)

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