Sunday, June 19, 2011

Marathon Day 2011

Marathon Day has been a family tradition for 5 years now. You can read about our past years here and here and here and here. This year was a little different because we decided to try a family relay. What a fun day!
It started off a little rushed because we left the house later than planned and then forgot the map -which we needed to get everyone from leg to leg-and had to turn around and get it. By the time we parked and got to where we needed to be the relay runners had all started and so my friend (who had missed hearing the start off as well) and I were left to start all by ourselves. We ran almost 3 miles together before I left her behind. (Sorry Crystal!) I paused for a quick water break at one of the rest stations but other than that quick stop, I ran the whole time! AND I finished my leg (5.63 miles/9.06 km) in just under an hour! That could be a record for me!

I passed the timing bib to Kezia who ran the second leg (4.74 miles/7.63 km) and she raced through her leg in just over 4o minutes. She was even sprinting at the end! Crazy!

Kezia passed the bib to Kiandra who is an expert at leg 3 (4.38 miles/7.06 km) because this is her 3rd time running it. We originally had her on leg 4 but at the last minute this morning, she switched with Kaden. We took a different route to the next exchange zone and for the first time, we beat Kiandra and were able to snap some photos and video of her coming in. Kiandra took just over 45 minutes to come in.

Kiandra passed to Kaden who ran the 4th leg (6.01 miles/9.68 km) and he raced his way through the leg and we had literally been standing at our spot for a minute before we saw him grab a glass of water and splash it on himself. He was ready to keep running because he was not sure if the leg was done. Kaden's time was just about an hour.

Kaden passed to Conrad and he brought us back to to where we started. His leg (5.45 miles/8.77km) was the warmest run of the day. The kids and I raced back to the van to try and catch him running into the stadium. It's tricky to get around because many roads are blocked off due to the run. We had just found our places when Conrad came racing to the finish line. His time was about 50 minutes. Awesome.

The web results for our team were:
4 hours and 20 minutes for our time
We placed 261 out of 506 co-ed teams
and 416th out of 796 total relay teams

I'd say that's not too bad for our first time!


~ L ~ said...

Tami said you ran by her and she couldn't get your attention because of your ipod :)
Way to go Doerks!

TammyIsBlessed said...

That is amazing Pam, you're kids are like lightning!! And you did fantastic, what a great time! (meant both ways ;)

What a great video/photo montage too - fabulous memories!

Sonya said...

Cool thing to do as a family. Liked the video!

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