Monday, May 24, 2010

Final Update on 101/1001

Wow, another post! It's amazing what I can accomplish on a long weekend without hockey/swimming/soccer and 2 kids and a husband away! I still have about 200 posts in my google reader to catch up on and I have a busy 5 weeks ahead of me with final assessments and report cards do to but for now I wanted to catch up on a little blog writing and so I did.

Since July 22, 2007, I have been plugging away at a goal list, that I created, of 101 things to do in 1001 days. Two things have been holding me back from this update: lack of time, but also (and probably more accurate) the fact that my list has not been completed. I am a list maker and to realize that I have failed in this task has been hard to swallow. But to recap, I DID complete 72 out of my 101 things and I DID have 9 goals in progress (and 2 that could not be done). However, I did not complete 17 of my goals. Let's see what kind of excuses I can make for these incompletes:

I find it funny that these were among the ones that did not get done because they seem so simple. I guess I just didn't make the time to do them.
1. Put family photos in frames from Rick and Pam's wedding
7. Get a bamboo plant and try not to kill it
16. Fix Conrad's broken dresser drawer
29. Update telephone and address book
48. have a backwards meal by serving dessert first and having everyone turn their clothes backwards.
55. buy something at piazza de Nardi

These ones I am somewhat disappointed in because I did have good intentions.

24. sponsor a child
51. participate in a family volunteering opportunity

These turned out to be a money thing. Too many other items took priority 0ver them and even though I looked for them over the last 1001 days, the ones I found were out of our price range.

64. 12 new identical plates, preferably square (preferably before #68)
66. a new bed

I really like party planning and having people over but years of school and now working full time have severely limited our time to socialize with other couples. We found that when we did have a free weekend (and with the kid's schedules it was rare!) we would rather spend it with each other or with our immediate family. I think we are in this stage right now with our kids and I want to savour it. Also, with the recent breakups in marriages in couples close to us, it has been more of a priority to spend time as a couple to make sure that doesn't happen to us.

68. Host a theme Dinner party with four-five other couples
69. Host an ugliest sweater couples party

These ones I have no excuses. I just didn't do them. Especially #84. In fact, I look worse in a bathing suit because not eating right and not making time to exercise will do that.
78. learn to whistle loudly with my fingers in my mouth
83. Drink only water for 1 month
84. buy a bikini...or at least be more comfortable being seen in a bathing suit.
86. eat breakfast every day for a whole month

Another one I am sad that I did not complete. But I am proud of keeping up with the kids (isn't it always about the kids??!!) and I am especially proud of the birthday book I put together for Kiandra.

90. start scrapbook wedding album with the goal of having it completed by our 15 year anniversary.

I am glad that I took on this challenge and I plan to create another list this summer. I think it has pushed me to do more than I would have without having a list. I love having a list. It makes me more focused and I like that. Stay tuned for a new list coming soon...


~ L ~ said...

I know how you feel, but the list was a great learning experience, and those that I was really disappointed I didn't accomplish got moved to my new 101 list :) I think my new list will be much more accomplishable now that I've learned so much about myself!

Candice said...

I started making one of these (because of your blog!) but I haven't even finished making the list yet, never mind finished doing the things on the list! You have more persistence than I!

BTW, it's never too late to sponsor a child ;) I highly encourage it. So worth it! I've met sponsored kids (not ours in particular) and the difference it makes is amazing. Especially the education.

To be honest, I was really worried that through this whole missions thing (read: no income for nearly a year) we wouldn't have the cash to keep sponsoring our boy in Guatemala, but God is bigger than that! We've come to rely that we'll always be given enough resources, so pour those resources out! I'm glad we made the decision to trust and keep sponsoring and make further sacrifices if needed.

But remember, this is coming form someone who doesn't have children of her own! So maybe you already do sponsor children, so much so that they're living in your house!

TammyIsBlessed said...

I think you did a great job!

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