Friday, August 15, 2008

My Husband Rocks!

I have been quite discouraged by the recent breakups in relationships in a few couples that we know. It makes me even more aware than ever that I want to make sure my marriage does not become a breakup statistic. I came across this company while blog hopping through people's blogrolls and I thought it was just the thing I wanted to support. I ordered this shirt on August 1 and it arrived in the mail yesterday (pretty good timing I'd say!) and I LOVE it!

(this is me in my "My Husband Rocks" chocolate brown shirt
in front of the shelves that my rockin' husband put up in the back closet yesterday)

I can't think of a more fun way to show Conrad how much he means to me. I want the world to know that my husband does rock and I am lucky to be his wife. I wore my shirt out to drop the kidlings off at day camp and then I stopped at a few places and I got some nice compliments on my new shirt. Someone even asked where they could get can order your own shirt to celebrate your spouse here.
There are so many things I like about wearing this shirt. First, I love that I am supporting a business whose mission is "To enhance marriage relationships, communicate a positive image of marriage, and encourage/support the sanctity of the marriage covenant between a man and a woman in a fun and stylish way" (more here) Secondly, I love affirming Conrad in such public way. Lastly, I love the message that it sends to my children. When I opened the package yesterday and tried on my new shirt, the kids laughed and smiled when they read the words. Kaden even broke out the air guitar and said "yep, dad does ROCK!!" Wearing this shirt reminds my kids that I love their dad and in this world of broken homes that message should encourage them and make them feel safe knowing that their parents love each other.
So, get thee to the From Me Tees website, buy a shirt, and show your spouse that they rock!


~ L ~ said...

I'm so going to get one of those shirts. Don't wear it around Sean, he'll tell me I need to get one, and then he'll think I did it because he asked, lol.

Andrea said...

I love it! I tried to win one on a blog once, but didn't.

I love the message too. You go,girl!

Jobina said...

Love it!

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