Sunday, October 14, 2007

On the menu...

Saturday-Conrad's Birthday...his favs: Chicken Cordon Blue, fettuccine Alfredo, chocolate cupcakes
Sunday-Perogies and farmer sausage
Monday: maple turkey burgers* and sweet potato fries
Tuesday: Hawaiian Meatballs* and rice
Wednesday:Pork chops*
Thursday: Tammi's potpie
Friday: mini Meatloaves* (BBQ Version) and mashed potatoes
Saturday: Pizza
Sunday: Pasta e Fagioli and Bread Sticks
Monday: Chicken and Dumpling Soup
Tuesday: Pork Loin*
Wednesday: C.O.R.N. (clean out refrigerator night!)
Thursday:BBQ Chicken Sandwiches*
Friday:Ginger Beef*

Kid's Lunches:
chocolate chip blondies*

*from the freezer

1 comment:

ValleyGirl said...

Hey, hey, look at me -- I'm on the menu!!! Hope you enjoy it! We sure do.

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