Thursday, October 11, 2007

*big sigh* of relief! Finally a reprieve....sort of...

I finally have a few spare moments! It has been crazy busy, but I am generally staying on top of things but it leaves very little room for "fun" stuff like blogging, facebook, or even watching the shows I have recorded on my PVR ---I have about 14 hours of shows to watch! I am a big "Survivor" fan and now it is Thursday again and yet still have not watch the one I have recorded from last week! I've just been extra focused on my assignments and from the marks I have been getting back...the hard work is paying off- yay! :)
I was looking forward to today because today marks the halfway point of my university block. I am already halfway through my first term if you can believe it! One of my courses (only 1 credit) actually ends NEXT WEEK! *shock* I had two major assignments due this week and today I handed in my last one for the week. One assignment was a PowerPoint (which took and amazingly long time) and had to be presented in class. The creation of it was not difficult, but it was time consuming... which seems to be the theme of all my courses. I also had my first experience with a flash drive and for whatever reason it would save on my lap top but not open on my other computer!! I spent over an hour trying to figure out the problem and finally ended up bringing my entire laptop to school as a backup plan. It turned out that it opened without any problems at the University?!? So I was stressed out for nothing!
The my second assignment was to edit an online text, which again, was not difficult but with formatting issues it became quite the process. With Thanksgiving gatherings over the weekend, I didn't have quite the time to work on the two things as I had planned and so I was still working on the last part of it until yesterday evening (very unlike me!). I was beginning to stress out and it got even more stressful when I had a flat tire yesterday
....right before I was supposed to leave for class
....and I was driving the carpool that day
....and I had Kid's Club cooking in the evening
...and I still had not bought the last of the groceries I needed
....and I just found out that I had 46 gr. 5 / 6 girls instead of the 30 ish I had had three weeks ago!
Needless to say, it was a little overwhelming! But again, as it seems to with everything else in my all worked out in the end. My carpool buddy was able to pick me up and so I got to school only a few minutes late. I did try and fix the flat myself (yay me!) but when I got to the point where I had to take off the nut things (that is the technical name BTW) I just did not have the physical strength to get them off! But my dad was able to swing by on his way to their church, and her got it changed for me. I picked up the supplies (including the bread which I had forgotten at home in my freezer-grr!) and made it to the church with even a few minutes to spare. They ended up splitting up the girls into two groups and so even though I had 46 girls making french toast yesterday... it was only 25 ish at a time and so it was manageable. Conrad put the kids to bed before leaving for floor hockey and so I was able to make up for that time that I spent trying to change the tire and I had uninterrupted time to work and so I did finally get that assignment done too. *phew* Remember those drinks Conrad bought me on my first day for "those kinds of days"??... I sure enjoyed one yesterday!
So..... with all that finally behind me, I am feeling really good today! My next assignment is due on Tuesday...which they tell me shouldn't take long...I don't believe that anymore! Then on Wednesday, my partner and I have to present a lesson plan for music and movement which is out of my comfort zone for sure and should be interesting. My cohort group really seems to be working well together and I am so glad for the people I was placed with...again, its' all working out in the end!
On another note, I got my school placement yesterday and it looks like I will not have to worry too much about childcare issues because it is not too far from my house. I won't find out what grade I have until the end of the month...looking forward to that.
I guess that's all for now..... hopefully it won't be quite so long before I have time to write again!


Tish said...

My gosh I don't know how you are keeping up! Hopefully things will get easier soon. I am almost positive I would have to have a glass of wine every night just to relax after all of that :) Good luck, we are praying for you!

Andrea said...

I was missing updates from you! Glad that you had a (small) chance to breathe!!

ValleyGirl said...

Yeah, you blow my mind, Pam!! I figured you must be insanely busy and it sounds like I was right! Man, your weeks must sometimes just be a blur, eh? Well, hopefully you'll get a little relaxation time in now over the weekend. Good to hear from you again!!

Pamela said...

wow! three comments already! What a nice surprise :)
My weeks are passing in a blur...I cannot believe it is almost the middle of October already! I really appreciate everyones thoughts and prayers, thanks!

Lori A said...

I've been checking almost every day, I take a few days off and I missed your blog! Glad you had a few moments of R&R (that's what I call time on the internet) and glad your hard work is paying off!

TammyIsBlessed said...

You could be an add for the Energizer bunny! Glad school's going so well for you.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you again, I enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for the updates.

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