Sunday, September 9, 2007

What's Cooking?

On the Menu

Sunday: BBQ supper at the fun day at our church
Monday: Lasagna* and garlic breadsticks
Thursday: Steak* and Potatoes*
Friday: Souperlicious...Kiandra's entry in the Ready Set Cook contest
Saturday: Pizza on homemade crust I may try blt pizza
Tuesday: Pork Loin* and rice
Wednesday: Hashbrown casserole (...I need to post the recipe)
Friday: Beef Fajitas*
Saturday: BBQ at the corn maze
For the lunch boxes:
pizza rollups *(made with pepperoni instead of ground beef)
pear bran muffins *(made in a mini muffin tin)
* from the freezer

1 comment:

jenn said...

oh these all sound so good! i wanted to send you a message in response to your comment @ "i call times!". your email address does not appear so here i am lurking at your site LOL :O)

i am so glad you stopped by and it is so fun to learn how much we do have in common! it is a small world indeed. the one thing that has surprised me about blogging the most is that connections made and the amount of support and advice that has now entered my life. it has been quite amazing...

i also hope to teach when i am done with my degree. juggling all things can get crazy. but,like you though, i feel it is all worth it!

a funny little thing to mention is that i just found recipezaar yesterday i was so excited to see that you are a contributor there! oh my! what a fabulous site!!

hope you are doing well. take care ~jenn

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