Sunday, September 9, 2007

Update on my 101/1001

New Challenges Completed: 8

9. Reupholster piano bench...finished during my weekend home alone. I actually did two stacking stools too, but there are not put back together yet because I accidentally threw out the screws that hold them in place when I decluttered the junk drawer *oops* Oh well.. it was the piano bench on my list and that is completed so I am crossing it off!

15. Get the old computer connected to the internet so I don't have to share this one with the kids...done sort goal was to not have to share a computer with the kids because they are wanting their own time on it (webkinz!) and I don't want to share, lol! We have not been able to get the old one working but on Friday I got my very own laptop (yay! snaps for me!) and so I won't have to share the computer with the kids and now they can use the other one that I had been hogging for their own use.

19. Finish my parent's bathroom...I touched up the last of the paint this last Saturday and now it is finally done...It's been almost a year since Conrad started *insert embarassed grin here*

47. Went to see "Sound of Music" with the kids, my parents, and my niece and nephew (and actually sat in the same row as my friend Melanie!) on August 24 and had a wonderful time. Next year is Peter Pan and the kids said they'd really like to see that too.

54. I bought some big sunglasses right before we went camping on August 10. They are huge and have some nice bling on the sides!

57. I bought an awesome butterfly necklace that was made by my friend Jonquil and so now I have bought 3 pieces of jewllery to wear teaching. This butterfly necklace is my favourite piece right now.

58. We bought a new phone for the livingroom and it was a three pack so now we have a cordless phone for the livingroom, our room, and the basement.....but now they all seem to go dead at the same time *sigh*

79. Go for lunch with an old friend. Last Thursday, my friend Roxannecame in from Edmonton for a funeral and I was able to meet her for lunch. Our parents lived next door to each other before we were born and we both moved from that cul-de-cas right before kindergarten and so I have know Roxanne for my whole life. It was nice to enjoy catching up with her (without our kids around to interupt!)

Updated Challenges in Progress: 1

92. Photograph recipezaar recipes: I added photos to

pepper jelly glazed chicken

Flowerpot cupcakes

Maple Brined Swine

Cranberry meatball sauce

*change* This is probably illegal but I am changing my #43 which was "sleep in a yurt" to "camp twice in one summer". My reason for choosing to add "sleep in a yurt" to my list was to make an effort to do something out of my comfort zone and solely for the benefit of the family. Now that we own a trailer I have changed my goal to use the trailer instead of the yurt to spend time with the kids doing something they enjoy.


ValleyGirl said...

Look at you, just forging ahead! Good for you!! (what the heck is a yurt, anyway?)

Andrea said...

You are doing great!! Wow!! Look at you go!

Pamela said...


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