Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day 3....

Pop Quiz!
Question: Which of the following did I do today?

a) Have lunch at the Faculty of Ed Twoonie BBQ
b) Have a picture storybook read to me
c) play a glockenspiel
d) dance a hiphop routine
e) paint a picture of a tree

Answer: all of the above!

After a fun and busy day, my entire group has decided that Wednesday is our favourite day of the week. Our first class was Art and Drama and the prof read us a book, we role played different scenarios and then painted our own tree picture using images in the story as our inspiration....(if I remember, I'll try to snap a pic of our tree paintings to post next week, lol!) We were challenged to see ways of integrating art and drama into all areas of the curriculum and it was a very fun class.

There was a BBQ lunch for all Ed students and for $2 you could get a hamburger and a drink! A great deal for the poor student and especially for someone like me, who hates packing lunches, it was a bonus! I think they should have one every Wednesday, lol! I joined another group that I have not previously been with and enjoyed their company for the lunch hour. I still find it strange how I know more people on a first name basis now than in the last 3 years.

My second class was music and I knew when the teacher started singing the welcome that I was in trouble! To say that I am musically challenged is an understatement. I have no beat and am always clapping on the off beat...although I learned that there is a technical word to describe that...I was surprised to learn that it was not named after me, lol! First we did various rhythm exercises...not my strong point and it showed! Then she had us listen to a contemporary Canadian hip hop artist. For all my musically knowledgeable readers the song was crab bucket but it was spelled weird (and people wonder why kids can't spell???) I don't listen to much music but I am totally unfamiliar with hip hop and then came the kicker...we would now learn a hip hop routine! (what?!?...I seem to be using this word a lot!) So, our entire group got up and step by step learned the choreography to this song. There were some that did amazingly well...and then ....there was me, lol! The "so you think you can dance show" has nothing to worry about if I auditioned! Actually, I'd probably be one of those people from the first few episodes that are horrible!

After the routine, we moved to the instruments and played around with them using the song as our baseline...or maybe they called something else?? I played the glockenspiel and I have to say that we sounded pretty good. One of the guys, I even know his name!, says "hey! forget teaching let's be musicians and go on tour!" lol! Our prof commented on how well we seem to work in a group and how in sync we are. I feel the same way, I was nervous about being stuck with the same people for the next two years but this group all seems to be good together and I am very happy about that.

We got out of class a bit late and I had to run to catch my bus, but I made it and was home in 20 minutes (not bad for having to transfer!) and I am thankful that this class schedule is really working out. This morning I took the later bus and had to wait a bit at my transfer point and today was ok, but I think in winter it might be better to take the earlier bus because I wait outside less time even if it gets me to class earlier than I need to be.

Thanks to everyone who has been following along (and especially commenting) on my first week's adventures! See you tomorrow :)


ValleyGirl said...

Sounds like an awesome day! More like a daycamp than university!!! Glad you're having fun, even though it's still a little nerve-wracking. Isn't small group stuff (where you actually know each other's names) good for that kind of situation though? That way you can more easily rely on each other and make fools of yourselves because you actually KNOW the other people making fools of themselves, too! Sounds like a blast!!

Andrea said...

Wow -- your day sounds like a lot of FUN!!

I'm so glad that things are turning out so well for you and that you are feeling comfortable with your small group.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that they have not changed anything.... we could dance together if you want! I never got used to singing in that class- it grated on my nerves every time. I promise second year is a lot more useful then first year!!! And congrats on your award. Buy yourself some nice teacher shoes!!!


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