Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bite, Chew, Swallow....

What's that saying about ...
Q: "how do you eat an elephant?"
A: "one bite at a time"

I feel like my story is
Q: How to you juggle a family of 5 and their activities AND full-time classes?
A: Bite, Chew, Swallow!!

It's been just over 2 weeks now since I have been back in classes and during the last 16 days our family activities have included:
8 class assignments (+2 that I will hand in tomorrow)
1 parent council meeting
2 hockey games for Kaden
2 piano lessons for the girls
2 evenings of floor hockey and 1 evening of ice hockey for Conrad
1 awards ceremony for that Ukraine award
2 evenings of kid's club where I teach the kitchen portion, Conrad is a leader for the boys group, and all the kids attend.
1 sleepover for Kiandra
1 birthday party for Kaden
1 family fun evening at the corn maze
1 swimming lesson for all the kids
1 dessert made for a shower at our church
and a partridge in a pear tree, lol!


We are settling into routine. The kids are enjoying school and their teachers. Kezia just told me today that she was chosen to be the "recycling" person (who goes from room to room to collect recycling) and this was a big deal because the position is usually one an older student has but she was chosen and was proud of that. Conrad is finding that his "free" day off is too busy to actually feel like a "free" and he will spend the next two Thursdays accompanying Kaden and Kiandra on their field trips which will make his "free" day seem to go by even faster.

I am really enjoying the people in my classes and, for the most part, I am finding my classes useful. Tomorrow I will hand in my first two major assignments. One of things that I find very interesting is how different the students are in education. In arts, it was rare when people in my classes would begin an assignment well before the due date, but I am finding it to be quite the opposite in education. People are actually doing things early (!) and even though I had finished my big assignments yesterday-2 days before the due date-I actually felt behind because many of my classmates were already done! It's nice to feel surrounded with people like me and not alone in handing assignments in on time and without extensions! However, it might be that there just isn't room for falling behind...I think I counted 33 assignments due before my student teaching block begins in November-*yikes*
Bite, chew, swallow
One day at a time, one assignment at a time, and somehow it all manages to get done!

I have my first school experience this Friday. It's not my school placement, but the faculty has pilot project with a school (on the other side of the city!) and we will be spending the next 4 Fridays in this school. It will be an opportunity to observe and learn about what goes on in a multi-cultural school. I am looking forward to it but am dreading being up at 7:00 to get there by 8! I wonder what time I will need to get up to make myself look like I am ready to be in the classroom that morning? *sigh* I am really NOT a morning person!

Bite, Chew, Swallow...I can do this!

So, if my blog seems to stay the same for days on end, I am probably still chewing and waiting to swallow!


ValleyGirl said...

Ha, I know how late you were up writing this, so maybe that's why you're not a morning person!!

Wow. I'm overwhelmed just reading your list of activities! I think I've known you long enough and well enough to know you enjoy keeping busy, I guess it's just important to know where the limits are. It's okay to slow down sometimes, you know! Although it doesn't sound like you're really complaining, so I'm assuming your busy-ness brings you joy.

You are doing SO well with keeping up with your schoolwork! Good for you! I so wish I could actually be attending a physical class because, I tell ya, self-motivation to study in the evenings (when I'm past my prime!) just isn't there! I think it would be so much easier to stay motivated if I had to attend a class once or twice a week.

Pam, I really admire your determination and your ability to give so much of yourself even though you're a full-time studying mom!

Pamela said...

lol! the late nights are my prime time! I hope it didn't sound like I was complaining, because I do like being busy. I feel so much more productive when i am forced to do things in a specific time frame becaue I know if I don't do it right may not get done. Over the summer months it's good to take the time to do "nothing" but this last year i had 4 months off and I really feel I accomplished very little and i could hardly get dinner on the table at a good time! but maybe that's what I need....months of craziness followed by some time of unproductiveness....I guess it all works out in the end.

PS I do NOT do distance ed very well. I took a class two years ago and hated it! Going to a physical class was so much easier than trying to do it all myself...even though it was inconvenient to schedule childcare, transportation, etc. I admire your dedication to get your work done and stay on top of your assignments. I would never have finished my BA if i would have done it all by distance!

Andrea said...

I agree with Tammi -- I get exhausted just reading your list!!

What I've been amazed at in the 2 times I've been over for piano lessons is that your house is always SPOTLESS!! Even amidst all the chaos of running from this to that and everything else in between...there's nothing lying on your living room floor, your kitchen counters are clutter-free, no junk mail sitting on your dining room table.....ha ha should come to MY house and see the difference!!! (and I'm at home almost full time!!)


remember that small bites are easier to swallow!!

Lori said...

You never cease to amaze me! I can't function without some down time, but I guess we're all built differently. If the rule was 'he who dies with the most things done wins' you would definately win hands down.

ValleyGirl said...

No, no, I didn't hear any complaining -- just the challenges of fitting in all in!! I'm like Lori, I can't function without 'down time' -- a LOT of down time! But if everyone was like me, this world would be in a sad state of disrepair and neglect. Ha, not unlike my house!

Andrea said...

Wow -- you really must be busy, it's been SO long since you've updated your blog!

I hope you're all doing well. Are the girls looking forward to their piano lessons on Moday??? Sheesh, it's been a LONG time, hey?

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