Friday, August 10, 2007

A-Z of me

H- is for hair. Until I was in grade 7, my mom made me keep my hair so short, I was often mistaken for a boy. After a particularly awful hair cut the night before grade 6 school photos, I begged and pleaded with my mom to let me grow my hair long. She told me that my thick hair I would get severe headaches if my hair was long just like she did when she was young. Finally she agreed to let me grow my hair and if I got headaches (which I never did!) then it would be my own fault. Now I am paranoid to cut my hair shorter than shoulder length because I remember how I felt in short hair--even though I love the short 'dos that people, like my friend Melanie, have. Of course...i am making the same mistake with my own kids and making them wear their hair long! When they cut 12-14 inches off last year to donate I was more heart broken then they were. Wanna bet that when they are my age they have these super short cuts and complain that when they were younger they were never allowed to have short hair and I will still be wearing my grey hair in a ponytail!!???

I- is for ice. I love to have tons of ice in my drinks or at least have them VERY cold! I don't have to worry about my drink becoming watered down from so much ice because I drink it too fast for it to happen.

J-is for jeans, one of my favourite articles of clothing. I am actually dreading the change to dressy clothes as I begin student teaching because I love the comfort of jeans. I love them because they are one of the warmest pants and I am always cold.

K- is for my kids-Kiandra, Kezia and Kaden. It's not that we meant to to the KKK thing, it is just that those are the names we liked the best at the time. If we had had 2 boys and then a girl their names would have been Braeden, Rylan and we wouldn't have had 3 K's. When we were pregnant with Kade, I still really liked the name Braeden but Conrad really liked Kade so I agreed to it. For girls we considered, Kyra, Kyrie, and Kalyssa so I think we just have a thing for K's! Oh wel, it makes it easier for labeling stuff...I just write "K. D----." on everything and then people know it belongs to one of my kids!

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