Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A-Z of me!

I am joining Andrea and Tammy and doing an encyclopedia of me in the month of August.

A-is for action asthma that I had in elementary school. My doctor said I may outgrow it but for years I took medication and an inhaler and could not participate in active sports without becoming short of breath. I think that is why I was so excited to complete the marathon super run because there was a time when there was no way I could have physically done it!

B-is for BBQ Sauce! I love sauces period, but BBQ sauce is my favourite. The funny thing is that I really do not like meat and so you would think that I would not like BBQ sauce that is supposed to go on meat. But BBQ sauce is great on french fries, with pizza dipped in, and my personal fav on a tortilla with cheese...I know very disgusting but I love it!

C-is for Conrad. I have had a crush on Conrad since I was 12 and therefore he has been a major component in my existence for almost 1/3 of my life. He is truly my other half as he completes me, we are opposite in so many ways and yet together we are a perfect fit. I am so blessed to have someone like Conrad in my life. Sometimes I think back to when I first started dreaming of Conrad and I together and I realize that I am living my dream and it makes me feel content and satisfied. I know that sounds cheesy...but hey that starts with "c" too, lol!

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