Monday, August 20, 2007

What's Cooking this week!

On the Menu
Sunday: Hotdogs for Conrad and the kids and a RSC salad for me. (It's the last week of the contest and I'm trying to get a few more reviews in!)
Wednesday: Spiced Citrus Chicken...that we didn't end up having last week!
Friday: Picnic supper at Kildonan Park for me and the girls before we head off to Rainbow Stage...the boys are on their own, lol!
Saturday: The Kids are off to Conrad's Parents for the evening and Conrad and I are getting together with our small group for an evening of socializing and we are all bringing munchies so no supper will be needed!
*from the freezer


Andrea said...

Crockpot **COLA** bbq roast?? Do tell...

Pamela said...

Love that recipe! If you click on the recipe, it will take you right to the recipe page on recipezaar. I would highly recommend it and the leftovers freeze great!

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