Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Update on my 101/1001

New Challenges completed: 3

26. save photos from computer to discs-done!

27. Sort through closet and get rid of all clothes that do not fit/not in style with the criteria that if I would not want to be photographed in them...get rid of them! done! Now I have a huge bag of stuff to bring to goodwill and lots of room in my closet!

76. My friend Kelly completed her 101/1001 list and emailed it to me. I look forward to having Lori and Kelly update me on their progress!

New Challenges in progress: 5

57. Buy three new jewelery pieces to wear student teaching. I bought 2, on sale, at smart set. One was reg. 10.00 on for 1.99 and one was 12.00 on for $2.50...still keeping my bargain shopping queen title, lol!

70. Go to the corn maze with another family. My friend Kelly is helping to organize a family event for a day in September. If you want to come send me a note and I'll give you the details!

71. Eat by candlelight...we did this this weekend because when we finally got around to eating after our clutter busting, it was actually dark enough to have candles!

74. i took a nice relaxing jet tub this week....aaahh! Love it!

89. I made and mailed my first homemade card today!

92. Photograph all of my zaar recipes.

I have added a photo to Peanut Butter wedgies

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Keep it up!! You're doing amazing!!

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