Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I have Browsed or Bought Online

1. The most recent thing I purchased was a necklace from my friend Jonquil. After seeing this photo on her website, I just loved this necklace!! She has just opened an online store and I'd encourage you to check it out! She has some great stuff!

2. To encourage Kiandra's reading, I bought books 1-30 of the Baby-sitter's Club on ebay because I really enjoyed the series when I was her age. She has now started book 15 and is really starting to enjoy reading! Kezia is not far behind her...she is on book 4!

3. I bought this book for my Early Canada history course. I think I may donate it to the library because I don't think I'll use it again, but it did serve its purpose!

4. I bought a play for my first English class, "Major Barbara", at chapters for $2.99!! It was one of my thirteen best deals!

5. We bought our bible study's books, "messy spirituality", online. (I wouldn't recommend that book though)

6. Last year as a present for being a forum host on Recipezaar, I got an amazon gift certificate and so I bought, what else?, two cookbooks. One on lower fat freezer cooking and

7. the Biggest Loser cookbook because I watched the show last season!

8. I got a Recipezaar apron for coming in second place for the last Ready, Set, Cook contest which I was so happy to receive because I had been browsing the Cafe Press site and wishing for that apron!

9. I bought a premium membership on! I have had my membership for as long as premium memberships were available. I love it!

10. Conrad found our trailer in the online classifieds. He saw photos of it and then sent me to go and put the deposit on it. (I will post the pics of our new (to us) trailer and all its 1972 splendor as soon as Conrad sets it up to pack it. I didn't save the photos from the ad, and the people delivered it to us and we had them park it in our garage. After we get the hitch put on the van this morning, we can take it out and Conrad can pack for his weekend!)

11. Last year, when I schmucked our van and wrote it off (*oops*), Conrad started his search online. We visited the place where we eventually bought our van because of an online ad. He also used the Internet to check out consumer reports, etc.

12. My friend from elementary school opened an online children's boutique specializing in designer kids clothes. I haven't purchased anything from her site because most things are for people smaller than my kids but I have browsed through her site:

13. I just came across this online shop with the cutest earrings/charms that are shaped like miniature foods! I have browsed their products but have not ordered anything...yet! I think it would be a real conversation piece to wear in the love stuff like that!

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ValleyGirl said...

Love the necklace. She's got some very beautiful stuff.

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