Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

I love a bargain and I think that some of my deals could have earned me the title of The Bargain Shopping Queen, lol!

Here is my Thursday Thirteen of the best deals I have bought....from greatest to least

1. When Conrad and I bought our first house, we paid $34, 500 for it! Our mortgage payments were like $119.00, lol! It was a four bedroom, 2 full bath, 1120 square foot house with a full basement. We fixed it up over the four years we lived there and sold it for a nice profit :) Living in that house allowed us to buy this house and so I am glad we did!

2. I have always wanted a king sized bed (mattress and boxspring) and 4 years ago we were able to buy one for $99.00! There was a downtown hotel that changed ownership a replaced all the beds with new ones. A short time later, the hotel changed ownership again and the new owners replaced all the beds again and sold off the old ones for $99.00! What a deal! The sheets and duvet cost more than the bed, lol! However, we still haven't bought a frame/bed for it and we are still sleeping on the mattress on the floor...but it is on my 101/1001 list so hopefully we will get one in the next while. I would love one of those bed with the poles...anyone know of a great deal on those??

3. When Kiandra was a flower girl for the first time she was in kindergarten we were searching for her flower girl dress when the new eatons opened in an attempt to keep Eaton's going. We went to the new store and they were having massive sales in every department. We found a white dress in her size reg. $100.00 but it was on sale because of the grand opening. It was an additional percentage off for being a clearance item and if we signed up for their new credit card we got an additional 20% off! The grand total for her dress was just over $13.00! The next year we replaced the white sash around the waist with a purple one (a grand total of $9.00) and she wore it as a flowergirl to another wedding!

4. When we bought our house 5 years ago, it was a bank foreclosure and we were able to fix it up before we moved in. We wanted to paint the entire main floor but it is an open concept and so paint alone would be one of our biggest expenses. We were looking for a beige colour and came across two 5 gallon pails of beige paint (2 shades) for $10.00 each. We bought an empty pail and just mixed equal parts of the paint and it was a great colour!

5. The dress pants I bought last week for student teaching were reg. $59.00 at Reitmans and I got them for $9.99 plus a 30% savings off all sale items that day for a grand total of just over $7.00!

6. I bought a cloth table cloth in rich fall colours to fit a large table for $4.94 from superstore. (The only bad thing was that I washed it for the first time with all my dishcloths and tea towels and the lovely reds and oranges turned everything else pink!)

7. In Spring we went down to the States for a few days to celebrate my birthday, my grad and the end of University term. I was able to find 3 dressy skirts for $4.00 each! I look forward to wearing them this fall!

8. My first class back at University was an English class and I was able to take many of the books I needed out of the library, but one particular play was hard to find. One day I sent Conrad to Chapters to buy the play which I had found online for half the $20.00 price at the University bookstore, but they were out of stock. Chapters said that they could order the book online and have it shipped right to our door...and they found the book I needed for $2.99 and that was including shipping!

9. I just bought the girls 4 pairs of jeans from Old Navy last week (Thanks Shaylene for the tip!) for $2.97 a pair!

10. Last year Kiandra wanted a bible cover for Christmas and she really wanted a green one. After exhausting the search at all the places around here and finding no green ones, I turned to online shopping. I was able to buy a lime green bible cover for $1.99 from Christian Book. I bought 3 other covers and a devotional book for just over $37.00, including shipping!

11. Just after Christmas Superstore had a major blow-out on Men's shirts and all items were $1.97! I bought Conrad 2 sweatshirts, 3 long sleeved shirts and 2 short sleeved shirts...and then later I went back to buy myself one of those sweatshirts, lol!
12. Last fall I picked up a whole pile of olive dishes, similar to this one....

and I paid 44 cents for each one! I filled them with candies and they became Christmas presents for Sunday School teachers and staff.

13. The best bargain I have ever bought and will never top is when a few Christmas' ago we did some boxing day shopping at Zellers and since my mom collects porcelain village accessories we picked up items for her village which were supposed to be 50%-75% off. One of the items was a porcelain gazebo and when the clerk rang it through it came up as 1 cent! The clerk said, "wow, that's a great deal!" and we got it for a penny!

So am I worthy of the Bargain Shopping Queen crown????


ValleyGirl said...

Definitely. Can you do my Christmas shopping for me?!

Andrea said...

Wow -- I think I'd have a hard time coming up with 13 things like that. You are a great bargain shopper!!

tommiea said...

I love a good bargain.....

I got some school shirts for the kids at Gap today for 2.80....regularly 14.50 a piece. I stocked up in every color...and even duplicates in white and navy!

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