Monday, August 20, 2007


P is for Pamela. Until Grade 6, I was always called Pamela and so when I started a new school in Junior High I decided to reinvent my identity and start calling myself Pam, which I thought made me sound more grown up. In grade 12, I started working at Safeway and I started working with a "Cam", "Sam", and a "Stan"(-seriously over the P.A. it really did sound like "Pam"!!) Anyway, after another Pam joined the mix I decided to go back to Pamela on my name tag and I soon realized that I actually much preferred it to Pam. This realization came when people started calling me Pam even after I had introduced myself as PAMELA!! (I even had one guy continually call me Tammy, despite the fact that I wore a name tag that said Pamela??!!)

Now, I'm not saying that I don't like being called Pam, and especially if you got to know me in high school or junior high, you have probably only known me as Pam and so that's ok if you call me Pam. I also am ok if people call me Pam if they have known me for a long time and are a friend...then that's ok too. What I don't like is when someone will automatically shorten my name! For instance if I introduce myself as Pamela and then someone says "it's nice to meet you Pam" ....That really gets me going. This once happened to me from a telemarketer!! He said "Is Conrad or Pamela there?" and I said "yes, this is Pamela." and he said "Well, Pam the reason I am calling...." Grrr!

My friend Mel has the same issues (...and yes she says it's ok if I call her that , lol!) People are always shortening her name too! We both have decided that because the short form of our names is kind of like a nickname, then it should be only used by people close to us and not everyone. If your nickname was hunny bun then I'd have to know you pretty well before calling you hunny bun!!

Q is for Queasy. A nurse I could not be!! I am easily grossed out by blood (unless it's a nosebleed...somehow that's a different story...maybe because I have one every other day!!!). Even blood from a loose tooth grosses me out! I also can't handle talking about blood....after my Father-in-law's triple bypass surgery in January, I was confused about everyone's interest in his leg...until I found out that's where the vein that they used was....eeww! I nearly hit the floor and lost my lunch! I can't stand giving blood...I once fainted after a blood test and hit the doorknob on the way down and had a door knob shaped bruise on my forehead. It's not so much the blood test itself but the feeling of the blood pumping when they tie that rubber thing around my arm.....argh... I better stop know or I'll my gag reflex is going to kick in!

R is (for what else?) Recipezaar! It has been my most favourite websites since we first got the Internet 5 years ago. Since I have always had a passion for cooking and baking, finding a community of people from all over the world who take pleasure in the same thing has been really fun. I have exchanged gifts, emails, and postcards with some of these "pretend friends". During a particularly grueling time at university, I even had a few people email me to find out why I hadn't been around much lately. Through recipezaar I have learned so many new things and experimented with new techniques and ingredients. I have tried (and photographed) hundreds of recipes. I love hosting the OAMC forum and most of all I love participating the the Ready, Set, Cook contest that ends this weekend...hey that starts with R too!


Lori said...

Weird. Even with uncontrollable things we are alike! I get light headed and nauseaus when I have to get blood taken too, I almost fainted but not quite. I'm determined to give blood one day though. And bloody noses might just run in the family, Dad had them all the time until he was coterized. I FEAR coterizing ....when I had my hour long nose bleed I thought for sure that's what they would do. I didn't know you had them often too!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pamela for putting me on your side bar! I appreciate all of your prayers. I enjoyed reading about your name. My real name is actually Tara-Lynn, but prefer to be called Tara. I still have relatives that will call me Tara-Lynn and it sounds so strange as I have always gone by Tara since I can remember.

Pamela said...

I had no idea that you had tons of nosebleeds too! Kiandra does too...the school used to call me every time she came in with a nosebleed and now they don't call anymore because she's in there so much!!

Pamela said...

Tara...I just wanted you to know I'm thinking and praying for you and your situation and I thought I'd add it...hope that's ok?? :)

Anonymous said...

LOL - I know exactly what you mean about reinventing yourself! My real name is Patricia - I went by Patti in school until I went to college where I changed it to my family nickname Tish (Scott-Irish folks, what can I say!) Every once in a while I'll run into someone who will call me natural nicknames of my original name i.e. Pat, Patti, Trish, etc. It's nice to see someone has gone through the same stuff!
P.S. Recipezaar is amazing!

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