Thursday, August 23, 2007

How busy is too busy??

Well, now that summer is drawing to a close I am being forced to think of the year ahead. This will be my first full-time University experience since right after high school... and technically since I dropped English my first and second year, it will be my first year of full-time classes ever. What does this mean? It means that for the first time I will have classes almost every day, (I will have Mondays off until my student teaching block begins, but since orientation, Thanksgiving, and a student teaching meeting all happen on a Monday, it's not actually every many Mondays off!) With a full time schedule, I'm wondering how much else I can pack into my time without going crazy!

I have already committed to teaching the cooking portion of our girl's club on Wednesday nights. The girls already attend and because I really enjoy the activity I don't mind the planning, prep and shopping for the evening. So that means that kids have kid's club every Wednesday too. Thankfully our church just combined the boy's and girl's club night and they are both on the same night and not two separate nights like in the past. I was so happy when the announcement was made this last week at church.

The kids also take swimming lessons on Thursdays at the University. It works out good because Con and I have a gym membership and so we head to the gym during their lessons. It's almost like our little date night, lol! Every other Thursday is our small group night which Con and I also enjoy. This year the girls have been asking for piano lessons and we've almost worked out the details for them to have lessons every other Monday, which will give them more time to practice and will make things a bit less hectic with only being every other week. The reason we are letting the girls take lessons is because we have also decided (....I can't believe I'm even writing this!!!.......) that Kade is going to be doing hockey! Argh! Haven't I always said I will NEVER be a hockey mom! When did I lose my power to Vito this? Hockey???? My son is a hockey fanatic and it has become worse since we got out PVR and they threw in the NHL network free for 1 will be a sad day when that runs out, lol! Conrad has decided not to play this year and give Kaden a chance to play. When we told him we were considering letting him play he said to us, "if I played hockey it would be like my greatest wish come true!" My son ---the drama king!*sigh* ...1 year I'll give it one year and we'll see how it goes!

So now, that's
kid's club
small group,
parent council...did I already mention that?
and now I've been asked to co-ordinate the nursery schedule at our church. I already volunteer every Sunday Morning during the SS hour to give the babies some consistency in the steady rotation of people, but now I have been asked to schedule the volunteers. Can I do one more task?? Should I?? Will I have time to blog? lol!


Anonymous said...

Wow , that is a busy schedule! Hopefully you will be able to continue to blog!

Andrea said...

Yeah, for now I'm happy to not have very much on my plate! I feel busy enough as it is without either of my kids in school or participating in any sports or extra-cirricuar activities.

Pamj said...

That IS busy!! Remember your kids have an auntie that would love to drive them here and there if needed ;)

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