Friday, August 31, 2007

Here it is...*sigh*

The Trailer

You'll see by the photos that this 1972 starcraft trailer is a real prize! Note the harvest gold sink and stove and the lovely built in fridge. The two double beds are upholstered in gorgeous 70's fabric and are accented perfectly with the harvest gold table! The light oak particle board cupboards are in surprisingly good condition despite their age. This trailer boasts new tires, new flooring, 2, yes 2!, plugs and the promise of a leak free interior. (Does anyone hear the sarcasm dripping from my words???!) I have been told that it sleeps 6 comfortably but I think four is more accurate.... Conrad and the three kids!


ValleyGirl said...

Hey, NICE CAMPER!! Looks like it's got a fair bit of storage space, too. I'm never terribly impressed with bed space in our camper either. They're supposedly queen sized beds, but obviously, bed sizes means something different with camping than standard home models. I'm trying to convince Greg to sleep on one bed, let me have the other, and then the girls can sleep on the table/bed in the middle, but so far he hasn't been interested!! Actually this year, for whatever reason, it wasn't an issue -- maybe I'm adapting. I know you hate camping, but trust me, it'll be more bearable now.

Kelly said...

So jealous! We are still in a tent and while we have made the leap to raised beds this year i am counting the months til a pop-up! Just think of the happy memories that camper will hold!

Heard of slipcovers!!


Janice said...

Ed is going to be soooo jealous. He would love a camper. We don't mind tenting it, but he would love to get a camper. It actually looks rather nice for a 70's camper. Now you can go camping every weekend!!

Andrea said...

You got the right thinking...just send Conrad and the kids!!!

(and Les can take our girls along too and you and I can hang out for the weekend!!)


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