Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Clutter Busting!

This long weekend (though technically not so long for Conrad as he had to work on Saturday) was a productive one and the weather was perfect to justify staying inside and doing some much needed work around the house. One of the big clutter busting tasks that needed to be completed was the downloading of my digital photos on to discs for safekeeping and this would also let me cross that off of my 101/1001 list.

I don't generally think of myself as a clutter collector because I really don't like to have stuff lying around. I also have a mother who used to save absolutely everything and a grandmother who saved so much stuff that her house could practically stand on its own without the walls to keep the roof up! My parents and my relatives spend days and days cleaning out her place after her passing and it really hit me that you can't take it with you so why save so much stuff!?? My mother apparently did not take that lesson from the experience and some of the stuff from my grandmother's house ended up in their house!!

Anyway....anyone who has been to my house will notice that we don't have many odds and ends or knickknacks floating around. My neighbour, (hi Marita-I know you are reading this, lol!) is appalled when I take out the photos from my kid's portfolios from school and recycle the rest of their work! Nevertheless, despite not being a clutter collector, we managed to fill an entire van load of stuff to take to the dump on Monday! However, in my defence, most of it was remnants of renovation projects that we had not yet disposed of like the old eaves trough we replaced with a new one last year, (the old one sat behind our fence for 11 months!) the old shower doors from our bathroom renovation, (from two years ago!!) and the miscellaneous carpet scraps leftover from doing Kiandra's room and some odds and ends that had been left in our shed from the previous owners (we have lived here 5 years!!). Anyway, it feels good to have that that stuff out of our house because our laundry room is now much neater and with the stuff out of the way and with the extra carpet, Conrad was even able to create his own private workout room for his weight set in one of the corners of the laundry room(--yes I have a huge laundry room!) However...despite my claim that I am not a clutter collector.....I will admit that I am a serious computer clutter collector!!

For some odd reason, I can't seem to let go my computer stuff. My email box is always sitting at overflowing...I just checked and I have 658 messages in my inbox! I think my yahoo account that I use for anything I sign up for online had over 3,000 messages...most are junk mail and are unread! Photos are my worst downfall: Conrad was astonished to find over 6,500 photos on the computer (*insert sheepish grin here!*) We spent most of the day on Sunday and a good part of Monday saving those photos to discs, which was good because it prompted us to get all of the other clutter busting done around the house because the computer needed undivided attention to get all those pictures saved. I'm not sure why I hold on to computer stuff .... maybe it's because I worry that I won't be able to get to them when I need them...even though I have the good ones also saved on my memory card (it's also always full and probably the reason why it takes me so long to get the pics from my camera to the computer!) Anyway, they are all saved now and Conrad had taught me how to save them myself and I think I should at least try to save them every month from now on so that I don't lose my computer access for an entire weekend. Now I just need to delete them from my computer...........

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