Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Arrgh...finally registered!!

Well, I am officially registered for my fall courses as of a moment ago! Boy, what a long way around to get to that point!! Last Monday was my initial access day with 8:30 being my initial access time...well, I log on to find that there is a HOLD on my account!! I had not submitted the Child Abuse registry and Police Check forms into the Education office for verification-Duh! (At least I had remembered to get them...the forms take 3-6 weeks to get by mail, so at least I did get them!) But because I had agreed to watch Kiandra's friend, Carly, while her mom worked...I had to wait until 9:30 until I drove down to the University to have my papers verified. After dragging the four kids across campus and being told it would be at least noon before the update would allow the hold to be lifted on my account...I finally got to register after lunch. I added the first 5 courses and it only recognized 1 of them!! I then realized I had to add courses by term and so once I realized that I was fine....until I tried to add the final course to which I received an error message! After trying to figure out the problem on my own, I finally called the Education office to see if they could help. The lady at the other end said she had never even seen that error message before and she'd have to call me back!???? So...I spent the day by the phone, waiting for problem to be resolved. Paranoia set in...what if I couldn't add the course? What if I really didn't belong in the faculty? What am I doing???? What happens if the class fills up before I can get into it???? (ok, not that I really think there will be a line up for a course called "social foundations of education"!!)

I finally called them back just before 4:30 and they had figured out the problem...I couldn't add the course because my transcript already showed I had completed the course...way back in my first attempt at university! Part of me hoped that if the computer system recognized it then I shouldn't have to take it again!! They told me they would work it out and I should try again the next day or so.

This morning I tried again unsuccessfully and called back to the office...somehow wondering if I will be entering the faculty with the label of "pest" on my file...and told them about my dilemma. The person I needed to speak to would call me back, and 30 minutes later, she did. She told me to try again and that it should be all set now. I did... and she was right! So, now I am officially registered for my first year...*phew*

I should mention that even before this registration mix up I have been having some serious stress about the coming year. When I went back to school 3 years ago, I knew that I would need to get through my Arts degree before I was able to get back to where I had left...in the Education faculty. My Arts degree became simply a means to an end and in its big classes and huge campus there was the comforting place where I could blend in and not really be noticed. In most classes, my prof didn't even know my name and unless I really stuck my neck out, I was simply another student. This year, all of that will change. The enormous campus will shrink to 1 small building. The huge classes of varied students will become a cohort of 35 students which I will share 10 out of 11 classes with and I will be with this small group for the next two years. Blending in with the other students will no longer be an option as I will spend more time as the one at the front of the classroom, both in front of my peers and as a student teacher.
Ack! Student Teacher??!! I am getting more and more stressed as the reality really begins to hit me...even though I've done student teaching before (grade 3 my first year, grade 1 my second) I am so nervous this time around...why? Is it because back then I was young and stupid? I actually recalled a lesson plan I did on the Frank Asch book Popcorn where I popped popcorn on a large blanket without the lid on the popper...on purpose! just to have the kids guess how high the popcorn would get! Was I on drugs?? I wouldn't even consider such a messy lesson now?? Is it because I now know how important teaching is as I am now a parent myself? Is it because I have worked so long and so hard towards this seemingly unreachable goal and now that it is here, I am scared of the next step??? I'm just over a month shy of my first day and I am hoping whatever is causing this crazy nervous feeling will have left me by then......at least the stress of registration is behind me!!


Lori said...

I hope you are not losing faith in yourself, even temporarily! I know you will be a great teacher, I've seen it over and over through the years (even if I do think you should open an OMC restaurant instead, lol). I thought so in your crazy popcorn days and I think so even more now that you are a mom. I'd put my (potential) children in your capable hands any day!

ValleyGirl said...

You're just over-thinking, that's all. You'll sail through it, even though you can't hide amongst the masses anymore, and you'll love your student teaching opportunities. I'm betting motherhood has changed your perspective a little on potentially messy experiments, but that perspective will also be handy for figuring quick and effective ways to get your students to clean up afterwards! You'll be wonderful, Pam.

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