Wednesday, July 4, 2007

YAY! It's almost time for RSC!!!

As most of you have already guessed, I love cooking and I love spending time in the kitchen! My passion for cooking brought me join the wonderful cooking community of Recipezaar where I have been an active member for nearly 5 years. Recipezaar hosts a variety of fun cooking events, but my favourite one is RSC!
What is RSC?

Ready, Set, Cook! is a cooking contest that challenges chefs to create recipes using 5 items on a list of ingredients. The list of ingredients is chosen by the winner of the previous contest. This will be the fifth RSC contest that I have participated in and I'm looking forward to it! Conrad, on the other hand, winces when he hears it is RSC time again! He loves "same old, same old" and this contest is all new recipes! RSC is his least favourite thing about Recipezaar!

Here are the contest ingredients for the contests I have submitted entries to:

Ready, Set, Cook! #6

Ingredients List

chicken (fresh or frozen)
tilipia, catfish, or mahi mahi filets
powdered milk (instant)
eggs or egg substitute
spinach or kale (I love spinach and Conrad was not pleased that I chose to experiment with this ingredient!!)
portabello or shitake mushrooms
apricots (fresh or dried)
red potatoes
phyllo (filo) dough
lemons or limes
white wine or champagne
basil (fresh or dried)
dried coriander (not cilantro)

(The contest was run differently at that time and we could submit as many recipes as we wanted, as long as we tried an equal number of other recipes...I submitted 9 recipes and tried 18! Hence the reason Conrad loathes RSC and why to this day refuses to eat spinach!!)

My Submissions:

Bar b Que Chicken Basil Calzones (This recipe made it to the top finalists!)

Ready, Set, Cook! #7

Ingredients List:

strawberries (fresh or frozen)
fresh cantaloupe or honeydew melon
tomatoes (fresh or canned)
bell peppers (any color, fresh)
fresh eggplant
fresh green beans
chickpeas (garbanzo beans - dried or canned)
couscous or orzo pasta
plain yoghurt (greek or regular)
feta cheese
Parmesan cheese
tuna (fresh or canned)
shrimp (fresh or frozen, not canned)
bittersweet chocolate (in chips or solid, but only bittersweet)
ouzo (a Greek liqueur with the flavor of anise)
kalamata olives
tahini (sesame paste)

(This time the rules changes to have a limit of three recipes, but the ingredients list was unfamiliar to me and so I only created 2 recipes)

My Submissions:

Ready, Set, Cook! #8

Ingredients List:
Chicken Breast (fresh or frozen but not precooked)
Beef Ribs (fresh or frozen but not precooked)
Goat Meat (fresh or frozen but not precooked)
King Fish or Mackerel (fresh or frozen)
Rum (light, amber, or dark)
Coconut (fresh or dried meat, not coconut milk)
Corn Meal (white or yellow, including self-rising mix, but not corn flour)
Raisins or Currants (dried)
Sour Cream (any fat content)
Rice (white or brown)
Tomatoes (any variety, fresh or canned)
Fresh Peppers (any variety, sweet or hot)
Yams or Sweet Potatoes
Plantains (not bananas)
Any Hard Shell Squash (e.g. hubbard, acorn, spaghetti, not zucchini)

(Again, we were limited to a max. of three recipes)

My Submissions:

Jamaican-me-hungry Chicken Bake (another recipe that made it to the finals!)

Ready, Set, Cook! #9

Ingredients List:

whole chicken
minced beef (ground beef)
smoked salmon
rice noodles
soy sauce
peanut butter
dried lentils (any color)
whole tomatoes
white potatoes
fresh fennel or fennel seeds
fresh carrots
white onions
puff pastry
brown sugar
coconut milk
white chocolate
dried apricots
fresh oranges
grand marnier or cointreau

(Again, we were limited to three submissions, but with a hectic term I was unable to create a third recipe)

My Submissions:

Chop! Chop! Chicken and my recipe won 2nd Place!!! I won the apron I had been asking Conrad to get me from Christmas for the past 4 years!!

However, even more exciting than placing second, was the ability to share my love of RSC with my oldest daughter who loves to be in the kitchen too. The day after the contest ingredients were revealed, I was deciding what to make and Kiandra peeked over my shoulder and asked, "can I make a recipe too?" I laughed it off at first and then I decided to humour her by asking what she'd make and what 5 things she would use. Imagine my surprise when she instantly said, "I'd make peanut butter cookies and I would use white chocolate, peanut butter, coconut milk, brown sugar and cinnamon!" So, I turned her loose in the kitchen and except for the suggestion that she add a bit more sugar (she initially only used 1 tsp) she created the recipe Wonderful Peanut Butter Cookies all on her own! I was one proud mom!!!

At the end of the contest we were waiting by the computer as the reviews came in and we were thrilled that she got some great reviews! She was so excited that people tried her cookies! (Many of the recipes were not even tried during the contest time frame!! Boy, were people surprised that a 9 year old's recipe was tried and enjoyed!!) Her recipe even got more reviews than my Cheddar Chili Pillows recipe did! Her recipe placed 21 out of 114 recipes!!! It made me realize that I'm going to have some serious competition in my house! I'm in serious trouble!..and I'm not very good at sharing my kitchen!

So, sometime on July 5, the ingredient list for RSC #10 will be revealed and then I can start cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Conrad is hoping and praying that there will be no spinach! I wonder if Kiandra will play along this time too???

Maybe YOU would like to join in the fun too! Here all the information you need to get started!

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Andrea said...

Sheesh, I could never keep up with you even if I tried.

Good luck!! And enjoy the new recipes.

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