Sunday, July 1, 2007

Summer is Here!

Although the kids finished school officially on Friday, somehow turning the page to reveal a the totally unscheduled month of July really puts me into "summer mode"! A part of me is a little sad to realize that my own summer break is over half way done, because my last exam was on April 19, but I am so excited that the kids are now finished their classes too. I look forward to open schedules, free of soccer, home reading, and agenda signing. I look forward to spending time with friends that we don't get to hang out with much during the school year. Most of all, I look forward to just hanging out with the kidlings--boy, do I love my KIDS!

Although I look do forward to carefree days of summer, I also wanted to set some goals for the next two months to make my summer a bit productive as well. Summer is the only time I get to focus on things that do not include homework and papers. So here are my .....

Top 10 Goals for This Summer

1. I love to scrapbook, but with my school work being top priority during the other months of the year, I have to use the summer months to catch up. Although I am embarrassingly behind on our family album, my current priority is to complete a "School Years" Album for each child and work on it every summer to complete the previous year. Kiandra's album is current until the end of grade three and Kezia's is current until the end of grade 1...except for some journaling which I plan to finish this summer. So my goal this summer is to finish Kiandra's grade 4 year, Kezia's grade 2 year and to start an album for Kaden and add his Pre-School and Kindergarten year. Another thing that I plan to do with this endeavour is to invite some friends over to scrapbook with me. I don't have much time to hang out with my friends and scrapbook and so I want to do some of that kind of socializing. Let me know if you would like to join me sometime, lol!

2. Go to the Children's Museum a few times with the kids. We were generously given a family pass to the museum for and have only been there maybe twice because we have been so busy. The pass expires on August 31 and I want to visit the museum with the kids at least twice before our time runs out. I think a walk around the Forks and a visit to Kite and Kaboodle and a stop at Sugar Mountain Candy store will help make the trip there even more fun. We may even stop for some Dippin Dots from the Salisbury House on the Esplanade Riel.


Have some friends over for a traditional summertime meal of Watermelon and Roll Kuchen! We don't get together with our friends as often as we would like to and we like to enjoy this great summer treat so this is a great way to do both. I enjoy sharing the foods that I grew up (and enjoyed!) with my kids and I hope one day, they will pass on the tradition.

4. I want to Help my Kids Reach their Summer Reading Goal. Kiandra has decided to try and read 10 Baby Sitters Club books before the end of summer. Kezia plans to read 4 books and my goal for Kaden is to read for a short period at least every other day. I also plan to read a chapter book to them as I do every summer. The first year was Charlotte's Web. Two summers ago it was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and last year I read them Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Reading a book is a great way to wind down an exciting day. I am almost finished reading Ramona Quimby, age 8, and so it looks like I'll have to choose a second book this summer. I think the kid's attention span is improving, or they have manipulated a way to stay up later, by getting mom to read more than a chapter at a time!

5. Get a Jump Start on Christmas! I know it seems silly to start think of Christmas already, but because the weeks before Christmas are usually crazy for me with final exams and papers(...this year I think my Student Teaching block ends on the 14th of December) I like to at least think about Christmas so that way I can start planning ahead(...I am such a planner...I skill that I hope will come in useful as a teacher!) My main goal this summer is to sew (ha! me sew, lol! I do have many crafty skills, but sewing is not among them!) or get someone to help me sew some fabric bags for Christmas. I bought a HUGE bolt of Christmas Fabric in January and I want to make 4 cloth bags for each child (...and I'll probably still have tons left over!). Conrad and I have adopted the "4 gift philosophy" for each child at Christmas. We buy them each four things, (in addition to a stocking of mainly practical items):

Something they Want

Something they Need

Something to Wear

Something to Read

Having the bags will a) save me tons of money on wrapping paper, b) allow me to keep better track of what I have already bought and for who because I can place it in the appropriate bag, c) save me on the time it takes to wrap everything!

I have other Christmas ambitions, like starting to choose the recipes I will use at my Christmas Parties and Bake Exchanges. I also like to start selecting the recipes for the Gifts from the Kitchen (like dip mixes, hot pepper jelly, etc.) that will be used to give to School teachers and Sunday School teachers. I also have some Christmas ornaments that I could start painting to use as gifts too. Thank goodness Christmas is still almost 6 months away!

6. I want to finish the "little things" left in Kiandra's room before fall. We are notorious for finishing a job until "almost" completion and then leaving the last few things undone. For example, there was a big hole where the cold air vent is in our kitchen and we only recently (within the last month) bought a cover for it! We also have yet to replace the plug covers in our bedroom that I removed to paint when I painted our room....FIVE YEARS ago! So my ambition is to get those little things (shelf in closet, switch plate covers, part of the ceiling painted over her door, etc.) finished in Kiandra's room before school starts.

7. Conrad and I have set a goal of Visiting Three Different Beaches this summer. We usually head to Bird's Hill quite often, but now that the kids are a bit older and have two sessions of swimming lessons under their belt, we wanted to try out a few more of our great beaches. If you have any good recommendations, be sure and tell us!

8. Start to Plan out the Cooking Class schedule for the fall. For the last 2 years, I have taught the "kitchen" portion of our church's kid's club and the year always goes easier when I have given some thought to the activities I want to try. Last year we had over 100 girls attend our Kid's Club and I think it could be even more this coming year. Thankfully, I only have to come up with about 10 cooking activities because I have the grades 5/6 one week, the 3/4 the next and then the 1/2 the last week and then I start over again. The difficulty of coming up with ideas comes from the fact that I have such a diverse age group and the fact that I really only have about 30 minutes from start to finish. My goal is to have the activities set out for the coming year by the time the Club resumes in about the third week of September.

9. I would like to keep up with Running! After running on Marathon Day, my goal is to continue running the 4.4 km route we have mapped out, at least 2 times a week. I plan to run alone sometimes, but also use the runs as a time to take one or both of my daughters along. I think it will be a great way to stay active over the summer. I may add (or substitute) a long walk because there is a great walking trail close by that will provide a good 45-60 minute walk.

10. I also want to spend some time Thinking About and Setting Some Goals for the next year or for the coming years. I am a planner and I love lists (I think that's why I like to fill out those "all about me questionnaires" I always get, lol!!) I came across a great goal setting activity --101 things in 1,001 days that I found via a link from my friend Andrea's blog. It's going to be a challenge to make a list that includes a deadline, but I think I'm up for the challenge. I find such satisfaction in making a list and then actually striking off the items as I complete the tasks on it. I think it is how I survived the last couple of years at school: I took the time to map out the tasks I needed to complete, evaluated the time I would need to complete assignments effectively and then I followed the plan. I look forward to making my list of 101 things and I especially look forward to crossing them off!

So what's on your summer agenda????

Updated September 2007

My Summer Goals

1. Scrapbook---not completed..I actually ran out of pages and have to get some more!
I have developed all the photos that I plan on using (July 2)
Cropped and mounted pictures for Kaden's preschool year...but not finished the journaling (July 6)
Cropped and mounted the pictures for Kaden's Kindergarten year...but still no journalling! (July 13)
Kaden's Preschool and Kindergarten album...done journalling! (August 2)
Cropped and mounted Kezia's Grade 2 journalling, yet! (August 19)

2. Visit Children's Museum 2 times COMPLETED!
First Visit (July 18) Second visit (August 27)

3. Share Watermelon and Roll Kuchen with Friends COMPLETED!
Shared this summer time treat with my sister-in-law Pamela and her son(s) even the baby will get a taste...later tonight at his feeding, lol! There's enough for another meal...who wants to come over, lol! (July 9)

4. Help Kids Reach Summer Reading Goals-COMPLETED!
Kiandra finished 1 book of 10 (July 5)
Kiandra finished 2 books of 10 (July 9)
Kezia finished 1 book of 4 (July 10)
Kiandra finished 3 books of 10 (July 13)
Kiandra finished 4 books of 1o (July 26)
Kiandra finished 5 books of 10 (August 1)
Kezia finished 2 books of 4 (August 2)

Kiandra finished 6 books of 10 (August 15)
Kiandra finished 7 books of 10 (August 20)
Kezia finished 3 books of 4 (August 20)
Kiandra 8 books of 10 (August 27)
Kiandra 9 books of 10 (September 1)
Kiandra 10 of 10 (September 5)
Kezia 4 of 4 (September 5)

5. Get a Jump Start on Christmas-COMPLETED!
12 Christmas bags finished!!!...I jsut need to by some cord/rope to close them! (August 29)
green hot pepper jelly and red pepper jelly canned for gifts (September 1)

6. Finish odds and ends in Kiandra's Room-I just need to paint one small area on top (hopefully friday!)
put up picture frames on the wall (July 6)
put up shelf in closet, put on plug covers and light switch plate(July 9)
put in carpet (July 26)
shelf (September 5)

7.Visit three Beaches COMPLETED!!
Bird's Hill Beach (July 5) (July 12) (July 29)
Grand Beach (July 19)
Falcon Lake Beach (August 11)

8. Prepare Cooking Schedule for Fall class -COMPLETED!
I have started planning and have decided to do a "cooking around the world" theme this year (July 2)
Planned the first 8 sessions (July 7)
One session left to plan!! (July 20)

9. Run twice a week- I should feel terrible about not meeting this goal but I do think we stayed pretty active this summer and so I am not too disappointed!
(falling short on this one, lol!) I didn't run at all the first week, but I did walk or ride my bike with the kids every day...does that count for something?? (July 7)
(Still falling short one this one!!) I am finding that because I usually run in the morning while the kids are all in school, getting out in the evenings by myself is harder and with the kids going to bed later it is even harder. I am still making an effort to ride bikes or walk with the kids but the running is not happening (July13)
This goal is not going so well, lol! Between the hectic pace of summer and the kids staying up later, I have not made this a priority! I fell like I have been more active but as far as actually making the time to go for a run...that I have not done! (July 20)
I am trying to be more active, but as far as my running two times a week...this has not happened...especially with this hot weather!! (August 2)
This is one goal that I have not followed through on! Here it is September and I am still not running! (September 1)

10. Work on a 101/1001 list COMPLETED!

I have the first 12 things on my list (July 2)
Still sitting at 12 things! (July 7)
25 items of 101 (July 13)
48 items of 101 (July 18)
72 items of 101 (July 20)
101 items of 101 (July 21)


Andrea said...

Those sound like excellent summer goals! I wish you luck accomplishing them.

I also like lists. I should really sit down and make some of my own...but then I'm going to actually have to get up and DO them!! :)

Lori said...

Yeah, that's why I try not to write down things I want to do, because I feel SO bad when I don't.

But scrapbooking is on my (mental)list of things to do, so if you need a partner I'd love to join you. I'm still working on my wedding album!

ValleyGirl said...

Haha, I've been trying to come up with 101 things for my own 101/1001 list for WEEKS already!! I guess I just don't have that much ambition, because I'm seriously having a hard time coming up with that many things I'd like to accomplish. Goals for a month or a season is much more realistic for me, I think. I may have to plan a few for this summer.

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