Friday, July 20, 2007

Grand Beach!

Yesterday we took a day trip with the kids (and my niece) to Grand Beach and what an awesome day! The weather was great-not a cloud in the sky- and the water was perfect! On the drive out, Con and I realized that we had not been to Grand Beach since the year before we got was also closer than we remembered! The soft sand was so inviting and the slight roll of the waves made it fun for jumping in.

Even I managed to get into a picture...I wanted to make sure of it so I stretched out my arm and took this one myself, lol!

The only bad part of the day was that at the end ....when we left the beach all of us were pretty crispy! We often go to the beach, but to avoid the crowds and the hot sun we often only arrive around 3-4 in the afternoon. We arrived at Grand Beach around lunch (peak sun burning hours!!) and we left around 6...meaning we baked in the hot sun way too long. I probably got the worse end of it because I was stretched out reading my book for a good hour and so my backside is quite rosy...I really should know better! Kiandra also got quite red where her new bathing suit gapes in the back and that made me feel horrible! If I want to be stupid that's one thing but I should have been more aware of her exposure. It's funny because I was just telling someone about how my kids don't really burn and now...this year they did. I guess we had always done a good job of avoiding peak times.

Oh well, a mistake is always a lesson learned! We'll know better next time!

Well, I only need to visit 1 more beach to reach my goal of visiting 3 different beaches this summer.... which one will we visit next???


Andrea said...

That looks like a lot of fun!! It would've been too hot and stifling for me to have been out there that long, but it still looks like fun!

And that's a great picture of you and Con!

Andrea said...

p.s. I love that you're including your weekly menu plan on your sidebar. I'm sure I'll use it for inspiraton!!

ValleyGirl said...

You know, Pam, you really have to quit telling us all about how you're achieving all your summer goals!! I'm actually debating removing that post of mine altogether because here we are, 3 weeks into my 8-week break from studying and I'm still just focusing on relaxing!! You're obviously what my Organizational Behaviour text calls a internally motivated person... Me, I'm just lazy. I can't even be motivated externally! Haha :P

Pamela said...

lol1 and you thought your organizational behavior course was useless!! See now you can use it to figure out your friends, lol!

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