Wednesday, July 18, 2007

From Full House to Quiet(er) House

We are down from 10 people in the house to six!
My niece, Brittney, is still here. It was very quiet at breakfast today, especially since only the girls and Conrad were eating at the table...Kaden was still sleeping and in fact right now (9:45) he still is!
I love a full house and it was fun to have the hustle and bustle for a few days with so many people under one roof. Last summer we had, I think, twelve nights of overnight company in a row! We had my (new) nephew staying with us while my brother-in-law Rick and his new Bride were on their honeymoon! (I can't believe it's been a year already!) the day before he left my friend Linda and the girls came for a few nights and the night before they left my niece Brittney came for a week. This year will only be a week total of company because it was all at the same time. It made for a hectic couple of days and a very full dinner table but I loved it.

Hosting company is another area that Conrad and I differ (greatly differ!) I love the craziness that a full house offers and maybe it's the "same old, same old" mentality of Conrad but he does not like the craziness. My idea of fun is to have a whole pile of people over for dinner, while Conrad would prefer more a more intimate gathering of one other couple. The night before my grad I decided to have a last minute gathering of some friends and neighbours to celebrate. Around 10 pm I sent out an email saying, if you are free for supper come one over...bring lawn chairs and your appetite! I invited 4 couples and all the children and Conrad freaked! I told him that it was so last minute that there would probably be some people who could not make it anyway but to his surprise (horror, lol!) everyone was free and was able to come. I had a tonne of burger patties in the freezer, I had a huge pasta salad given to me by a friend, I had chips in the house already and all the burger condiments and so it all went together quickly. I bought buns ( i figured with it being my grad and all that my friends would forgive me, lol!) and I quickly made a trifle for dessert. When it started raining that afternoon, Conrad was about to lose it because how where we going to put all these people (there were 21 people!) into our house (we had planned to eat outside in the back yard) But it really was no problem! We cleared out the garage and ate there! I'm not sure why Conrad stresses so much about company (especially since I'm the one doing most of the work, lol!) I guess it's just one of the areas we are different and complement each other. I'd have everyone over...he'd have no one...and we meet nicely in the middle :)

Brittney is here for a few more days and then the house will be eerily quiet as the kids all head off to full day camp on Monday. Then the house will be empty....and quiet....and I'll be wishing it was full!


ValleyGirl said...

Wow, I SO don't get that!!!!! Greg and I are the opposite of you guys -- he'd love a houseful of people lots of the time. Problem is, like you said, I'm the one doing all the work. So we DON'T meet in the middle.... and Greg has somewhat learned to enjoy the quiet -- or at least quietly deal with it!! ;)

Andrea said...

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who differs greatly from my husband. I always think there aren't another 2 people more different than Les and I!!

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