Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Challenge Update

I have been participating in the 30-Day Honour your Husband Challenge for one week now. I chose to start this challenge without letting Conrad know (I don't think he has even read my blog!) just to see if he would notice a change in me and whether my actions would make him feel more loved and appreciated. So yesterday I asked him,
"Have you noticed anything different this week?"
and he says "no, not really...why?"
me: "You haven't noticed that my actions have been different??"
he: "hhmmm...I don't think so?"
me: "You haven't noticed me making you feel more loved and appreciated???"
he: "I ALWAYS feel loved and appreciated and this week has not been any more than usual"
me: *smiling* turns out that
a) I am doing a pretty good job of honouring my husband on a regular basis that when I try even harder he doesn't even notice.
b) Despite the fact that physical touch is not my primary love language, I must be making an effort to show Conrad love in that love language because he didn't even notice when I made a conscious effort to be more physical.
c) Getting up early is not easy! AND is obviously not something that Conrad values if he didn't even notice!!
But because I have committed to the 30 days, I will continue to follow through on my promises. Here's what I did this last week:

Get up with him in the morning - I got up with Conrad 6 out of seven mornings and the one time I missed was because Kaden had fallen asleep on our bedroom floor and Conrad made sure he didn't wake up Kaden and consequently I didn't even hear him! Kaden woke me up after 9:15, asking me where Daddy was and the girls got up after he did....see what a schedule I can get these kids on in the summer...and yet I will continue to get up with Conrad!
Be more Physical-I have given more kisses and hugs this week.
Leave the cans of Coke alone- Done!
Pray for him -Done!
Cook some of his favourite things-I made him steak (one of my least loved meals and unfortunately for him, his fav), and salsa meatloaf (one of his favs), potatoes (I didn't inherit that loving potatoes Mennonite gene, lol!) and chocolate chip cookies.


ValleyGirl said...

Good for you! I'm still working on all of mine -- and Greg DOES read my blog on a regular basis, so he's probably wondering when all this wonderful stuff is going to kick in!!

Andrea said...

Good job! I did tell Les about my challenge (he reads my blog all the time) and the interesting thing is that knowing what I'm trying to do, HE's actually seeming to be making more of an effort to honor me in return!!

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