Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Challenge Update Week 3

Well, It's been three weeks now since I started participating in the Honour Your Husband Challenge and unfortunately getting ready for our busy week of company I did not put as much effort towards my goals as the past two weeks. I will have to step it up a notch, to make the final week of the challenge the best one yet. Here's my progress this week:
Get up with him in the morning - I have to say that I thought this was going to be more difficult than I thought it would be. A few times all the kids have still been in bed while Con is starting to get ready and the thought does cross my mind that i could stay in my nice cozy bed for a few more minutes but I do get up and I think Conrad appreciates not being the only one awake in the mornings as he gets ready. So again...I got up every day this week.
Be more Physical - I think I have slacked on this one this week. This one does not come easy to me and so if it's not at the forefront of my thoughts (and it wasn't due to our upcoming company!) I don't think I made enough of an effort this week to count it as a successful completion of my goal. I'll do better this week.
Leave the cans of Coke alone!- I have done so well with this one! I have not touched any of his pop and in fact I have not had nearly as much pop in the last three weeks as I usually do! (It's probably because I have been avoiding the pop fridge downstairs and out of sight, out of mind, lol!
Pray for him - This is another area I have not done well in. I wanted to take the time to really pray for him and so I will try harder next week.
Cook some of his favourite things-This week I made him Club house sandwiches(...complete with lots of bacon!!) pizza (no fancy new toppings or trying out a new crust!) tacos (again, same old seasoning recipe and no fancy twists to the toppings) and again steak and potatoes.
One of the things I am really enjoying is reading the updates from my blogging friends and hearing their successes in this challenge. It's been an encouragement to me, in the midst of hearing about so many divorces, that there are people who are generously sacrificing their own needs to make their spouse feel more loved and appreciated. I think that is one of the problems in failed relationships in that people are not willing to put someone's needs above their own in fear of appearing weak. I don't see it like that. When I hear of someone making pies for their husband (despite not really wanting to), or someone giving up some rare quiet moments at home to cater to her husband's love language of quality time, or someone dropping everything to go on an unexpected outing (even when there are other things that needed to be done and there was so many reasons to stay behind), or when someone makes an extra effort to be cheerful (even when they are tired from being in the early stages of pregnancy), it gives me encouragement to see that there are people who desire and are working towards a better relationship with their spouse. I don't see that as a weakness but rather as a strength and an admirable quality and something I want to encourage in my own life. Thanks to everyone who is participating in this challenge and to those who are reporting on their progress.


Lori said...

I second that! It is not only nice to hear about it but know the people, and be able to give and take encouragement in this area as well. It has blessed me just as much as I'm sure I've blessed my husband, to be a part of this.

Andrea said...

I'm glad I am taking part in this challenge.

Thanks for your update!

TammyIsBlessed said...

I'm amazed you could do any of them with all your company!

Good work on your goals Pam. I'm sure you're dying to try out some new recipes by now. :)

You're so right though - I bet a huge reason for the high divorce rate is exactly because of lack of self-sacrifice for the sake of the person you love. And yet, isn't that exactly the definition of love?

You're doing great!

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