Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Challenge Update-Week 2

I have been participating in the 30-Day Honour your Husband Challenge for two weeks now. As I mentioned in my last update, it seems like I have been doing a pretty good job at honouring my husband even prior to this challenge, because Conrad barely noticed when I made an effort to make him feel more loved an appreciated. However, I still wanted to honour my commitment by doing the things I have promised for the duration.

One thing that I have noticed ( I think Andrea also mentioned this somewhere??) is that this last week Conrad has been seeking out ways to make ME feel loved and appreciated! Last Wednesday, one day after finding out that I had joined this challenge, he re-caulked our tub ( something that has needed doing for oh...about a year!!) and he remembered to pick up a new tire for Kezia's bike...and more importantly he put it on and got it ready to go. Most things in our house come at a SLOW pace. The tire would usually sit there for a few weeks before it would actually get put on the bike, lol! This used to bother me more, but I do realize that Conrad's long hours usually prevent things from happening quickly around here!

Then he put the laundry away without any prodding! I don't mind laundry....I don't mind folding it... but for some reason I hate putting it away! Each room has its own laundry basket and I fold all the clothes into its appropriate basket and then place it on the bed. The kids are responsible for putting it away, actually this has been one of their chores for as long as I can remember...(remember I am a mean mom!) Our basket somehow sits there for days before it reaches the "putting away" stage...Sometimes only when I need the basket to do laundry the next week!!!
This week it magically disappeared almost as soon as it was brought up!

Lastly, he surprised me by bringing home a bottle of Kahlua yesterday! I know that my love language is not really gifts but the gesture actually brought tears to me eyes (Is it that time of the month, lol!) It was probably the thoughtfulness of the gift more than anything but here's why I was so touched:
a) Kahlua is one of the ingredients on the new RSC Contest List. Con loathes RSC with a passion and for him to willingly bring home one of the ingredients, knowing that I will use it to create a new recipe (another dislike of his) was such a surprise. It makes me feel loved to know he supports my interests!
b) Conrad has had the van the last couple of days and so in order for me to purchase the Kahlua myself I would have had to walk to the Liquor Mart or bike and somehow that picture in my mind makes me laugh! I can picture me dragging my three kids into the LC and heading home with my brown paper bag in hand...there's the reason I haven't been out to buy it this week! I didn't want to advertise my lush-ness! lol!

So, it's been a good week for me too. One of the things that occurred to me is that sharing kindness prompts the same in return. What a different atmosphere in our home if we can look for ways to show love and appreciation to each other and also to our kids. It may just encourage them to do the same to each other. I am really enjoying this challenge and I would recommend that anyone reading this begin their own challenge to honour their spouse.

For this week, here is my progress:
Get up with him in the morning - 7 out of 7 days!
Be more Physical-I have given more kisses and hugs this week and a 1/2 hour massage yesterday!
Leave the cans of Coke alone- Done!
Pray for him - I need to ask him for specific areas that he would like me to pray for
Cook some of his favourite things-I made him our favourite chili, homemade "Hamburger Helper", roll kuchen, and potatoes (again!!).


Andrea said...

I'm impressed that you're batting 100 with getting up with Conrad in the morning.

What time does he get up?

TammyIsBlessed said...

Great job Pam!

I'm super impressed by the getting up with him one.

Pamela said...

lol! I guess I should mention that Conrad usually gets up around 8 and it's not like I'm getting up at 5:30, lol! BUT, There were days last summer where he had already left for work before I got it is a challenge for me!

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