Wednesday, July 25, 2007

8 things...

I was tagged over at Tara's to do 8 interesting things about me thing...

Here are the rules: Each person posts the rules before their list, then they list 8 things about themselves. At the end of the post, that person tags and links to 8 other people and then visits those peoples’ sites and comments letting them know that they have been tagged, and to come read the post, so they know what they have to do

Number 1: I have sung on stage at the Concert Hall and the Playhouse Theatre! Of course I was only in elementary school and it was a big choir, but I can say that I did sing there, lol! No one would believe me if they actually heard me sing though... sometimes I will hear a great song on the radio and tell Conrad about it and he'll say sing me a bit of I do and he starts to laugh! He says, "I know what song you are talking about, but that's not what it supposed to sound like!" lol!

Number 2: I HATE filling up the vehicle with gas and I have only done it once. Thanks goodness for Domo and Co-op! The one time I did do it was when I was 17 and Conrad had let me use his car for the week while he was up north working. I almost ran out of gas and so I pulled into the first station I could find and unfortunately it was self-serve :( The guy had to come out and show me how because I had never done it before...and I never did it again!

Number 3: I am lucky. When I was 16 I chose two squares for my dad to scratch off (there were 4 in total) when we got a scratch and win ticket while buying slurpees at 7-11. The two squares were a match and my family won a 10, 000 dollar fantasy trip anywhere in the world. We spent 4 days in Florida and 3 weeks touring Europe. In 2001, I won a trip for 2 to the Grey Cup in Montreal after entering a contest trying to win Conrad the trip, lol! We enjoyed 4 nights in a wonderful hotel in downtown Montreal.

Number 4: I look for and often find my Christmas presents. If I know they are in the house I will look for them! It was only 2 years ago that Conrad started keeping my presents at work until Christmas that I was actually surprised on Christmas morning. I actually found the label making machine he bought me for this Christmas...but that was an accident. He had hid it in the paint trays and when I got them down for painting Kiandra's room I found it. (He said he was going to keep it at work but because it was an office supply he didn't want anyone to find it and think it was something for the office.) Truth be told I even looked for and found my engagement ring after I found out he had it at his house. It was hidden behind that soft foamy stuff and stuffed into a cavity in a speaker....I am thorough when I search...Aren't I terrible!

Number 5: Caffeine affects me in the worst way and I cannot sleep. If I have something with caffeine before bed I will be up almost all of the night...and not even be tired the next day. Last night I drank the last of Kezia's coke after supper and I was up until almost 4!

Number 6: I bought two wedding dresses. One that my mom wanted me to buy and then I later bought my dream dress anyway. I never regretted buying that dress. I felt like a princess and I would have never been happy in that first dress.

Number 7: When my sister and I were younger we tried to convince people at our elementary school that we had a brother named George. We even brought a picture of my cousin Jonathon to school to show everyone what our brother looked like.

Number 8: When I was in elementary school I had a 2 hour bus ride (each way--longer in bad weather) to and from school and when I was in high school I could walk/run from my backdoor to my locker in 8 minutes.

Okay, now I'm supposed to tag 8 people, but because most of the people I would tag have already done their 8 things I will do what Tammi did and say: "Consider yourself TAGGED if you're reading this."


Tara said...

I enjoyed reading more about you!

Andrea said...

Those were great answers!! Where in the world did you live that you had a TWO HOUR bus ride to and from school??

Funny about George.

And looking for Christmas presents...that reminded me of Rachel and Phoebe looking for the presents that Monica bought them on "Friends." (ah, there's a "Friends" story for everything!)

Andrea said...

Okay, I have more to say!!

I hear you on filling up with gas...I've only done it twice in my life!!

Good for you for buying the wedding dress hat YOU wanted.

And...caffeine affects me the same way!

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