Saturday, July 28, 2007

101 in 1001 Update #1

101 in 1001
It's been a week already since I publicly posted and vowed to complete 101 goals in 1001 days and I think I'm off to a great start. List making is such a motivator for me and with the added boost of making it public, I am finding that I am actually making the effort to completing these tasks! Actually even list making and goal setting alone is a motivator...last term I took four classes (all writing classes being History and Native Studies) and in total I had 14 essays, 3 tests and 4 final exams. I sat down in January and mapped out my schedule that I would need to complete in order to do each task successfully and I did manage to stay pretty well on task the entire term...even finishing many essays well before their due date due to due dates of other assignments. Therefore, I am confident that I can complete these is only a week into the challenge...we'll see how I feel next year when I still have many things left to do, lol!
Challenges Completed this week: 3!
I hung curtains in Kaden's room (#3) Kezia's room (#4) and the living room (#6). I have had the tab panels for Kaden and Kezia's room since March but had not bought the bar to hang them on. When we moved into our house (5 years ago!), I just tacked on sheets and somehow they just stayed there instead of me making the effort to put up real window coverings!

The living room did have "real coverings" but when we renovated our bathroom (2 years ago!) I found these great tabbed panels reg. $19.99 on clear out for $4.99! and so we bought 6 and again did not buy the rod to hang them!
So I took advantage of my week with no kids and finally got around to buying the rods needed and I hung the curtains! I also bought a rod for our room (#5) but I don't have any curtains yet! lol!

Challenges in Progress: 6!
(#14) Complete finishing touches in Kiandra's room, on Thursday, Conrad put in the carpet that has been sitting in the laundry room since January. She now has the softest carpet of any room in the house.
(#47) Go to Rainbow Stage, bought tickets for Sound of Music! I will go with the girls and Conrad and Kaden will take in a Bomber or Goldeyes game.
(#49) Go to the Drive-In every year that it is open, technically I already started this one because we have already gone this year.
(#63) Buy 5 New items of clothing for Student teaching, This week I had some time to shop by myself with no kids and I was able to find some great deals on 3 items. I bought 2 pairs of pants, and 1 shirt.
(#76) Convince 2 people to start their own 101/1001 List, My cousin Lori agreed and already posted her list and my friend Kelly said she would make one too!
(#92) Photograph all my recipezaar recipes that do not already have a photo, I posted 2 pics this week (2 out of 54)
Frozen Adobe Pie
Wheat Calzone

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Andrea said...

Wow -- great job! You're off to a quick start.

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