Thursday, June 14, 2007

Treasure in my junk drawer...

ok, as a photography nut, this should have never happened to me but it did. On my list of "Things do do while I am out of school and the kids are still in school" I have vowed to organize and tidy some of the areas that get ignored during the craziness of life when I am in classes. One of the tasks that I tackled was the junk drawer and .......*insert sheepish grin here* ..... my junk cupboard (My friend Melanie says that having a cupboard to put stuff that is not even kitchen related is illegal!)
Anyway, in the process of cleaning out such places, I found 7, (yes 7!), rolls of film that had not been developed. I could not, for the life of me, remember when I have ever left a roll to be developed! Then I realized that ever since Conrad bought me a digital camera, I have been so accustomed to seeing my images right after snapping, that I have let my old camera gather dust. I also vaguely remembering that my lithium battery died soon after I got my digital camera and so for years (yes, years!) it lay untouched. Last summer, I finally bought a new battery for my brother in law's wedding and a 6-pack of film...somehow I figured the 700 or so photos that my memory card held may not be enough!?? Anyway, I did remember having that camera at the wedding, and then I remembered letting the girls take the camera on some of the field trips this year. So, after having those fims sitting on the bar counter for another week or so, (by this point would a week or two really matter??) I dropped the films off and today I finally got around to picking them up....which made me appreciate how much I love that I can upload pics from home and thenI only have to make one trip to the store!
Oh my! what a treat to savour those long lost memories! The oldest pics were from *insert terribly embarrassed smile here* Kaden's third birthday party!!!! (He turned 6 in April!) There were also pics from our last camping trip 2 years ago, some photos of the kids I babysat 3 years ago, pictures from Day Camp last year, my brother-in-law's wedding, pics of my nephew who stayed with us after the wedding, photos from field trips - taken by my kids, a photo of Kezia when she lost her first tooth, and some great pictures of my kids at the beach that I don't even remember taking! My kids and I poured over the photos today after school and had a fun time remembering the forgotten moments and commenting at how much the had grown. (Kezia's favourite thing to say when looking at old photos of herself is "Look how Cute I look!") I especially enjoyed the photos of Kade's birthday party and seeing how small he and his friends were and how much they have changed and grown from the toddlers they were then, to the boys who will all be in school fulltime in a just a few short months. I probably enjoyed the photos more today than I would have three years ago!
Some things that occurred to me as I looked through the pictures was that while there are great advantages with digital photos, there is some excitement that is lost with digital photography. To looking through pictures for the first time, with no preview, is an experience that my kids will probably never really experience. Having the ability to say "oh, actually you had your eyes closed, can we do that again?" is good in some circumstances but does interfere with the natural spontaneity that "old school" photography had. However, I do appreciate the ability to only print (and pay for) the images that I like; that is not to say I didn't appreciate Kiandra's 18 artistic photos of her film container of her potion on table that she took, or the extreme closeup photos of her friends, lol! I will admit that I rarely even actually get my images into prints, because half the enjoyment is already there when I get to see the image on my computer. Today, holding actual photos in my hand did have a sort of nostalgic feeling to it and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed getting my pictures back after I developed them. I also found 3 rolls of unused film in the cupboard...I wonder how long it will take me to use it up and more importantly, when will I get the pictures developed next time?

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ValleyGirl said...

I hear ya! In a way, I miss 'old school' photography too -- the anticipation of seeing the pictures for the first time and crossing my fingers that specific ones in particular turned out. Sadly, the benefits of digital photography far outweigh the nostalgia and there's no way I'm ever going back to film. Every time I look through photo albums though -- either with the girls or just by myself -- I think 'this is something I need to make a habit of doing' because memories are all we have of the past and so often, the forgotten ones are exactly the ones we need to encourage us in the present and help us reshape our future.

Here's to old photos and memories days gone by!!!! (raise mug of coffee here and 'clink!')

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