Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tammi's Questions

My friend Tammi had these questions posted on her Blog and because I love these kinds of things I thought I'd answer them.

What is your favourite number? Why?
If someone would ask me to pick a number between 1-10, I would always choose 4. I'm not sure why I like that number but I do. However, I'd have to say that the number 19 is also a favourite. November 19, 1991 is the day Conrad and I became a couple and so I like 19. For at least the first year, we always celebrated on the 19th and wished each other a happy ___ month that seems so silly now, lol! The funny thing is that when I saw that Conrad had picked 19 for his jersey number for hockey, I was so excited that 19 was a special number for him too...until one night while overhearing Conrad listening to the Avs game I heard them announce "Number 19....Joe Sakic!" who was Con's favourite player!

If you had a day all to yourself in which you could be completely narcissistic and not feel guilty about it, and if money wasn't an issue, how would you spend your day?
As I anticipate the coming year and the prospect of being in the schools for a 6 week block, I am noticing that my wardrobe could use a major overhaul! I would spend my day shopping for new dress clothes for my year ahead and because money was no issue, I'd buy matching accessories and footwear too!

Other than marriage, the birth of children, or a decision of faith, was there a significant event in your past that changed your life?
On March 8, 1990 (Do I know my dates or what?? Is it any wonder why I majored in history, lol!) I was asked to rollar skate a couples song (which I think may just be the equivalent of Mennonites dancing!) by Conrad and that night I told my parents that I was going to marry that guy! Why Conrad, who is normally quite shy, would even ask me to skate with him is beyond me. But from that day on, my heart belonged to Conrad. I think having this older guy outside of my school helped me to not be influenced to date people from my school. By grade 9, most of my friends had had numerous failed relationships and the heartache that they suffered made me even more content to dream about my Conrad even if our relationship was basically non-existent at that point. Therefore, I think that event helped shape my future because after that day, all I wanted was to be that guy's girlfriend one day. I didn't have the desire to go out with guys from my school who may have been a wrong influence on me. What scares me is that Kiandra is now 4 years younger than I was when I set my sights on Conrad! :O

Not including any past financial decisions, what's your biggest regret?
Do I dare quote another date, lol! Right after the birth of our son, (and I mean right after, I'd been home from the hospital for 2 1/2 hours and Conrad had made the appointment!!) Conrad had a vasectomy, wow even typing out those words brings back a huge feeling of regret!
Although we had both decided that our family would be complete after a third child, the fact that he was so eager to do the deed...and add to that my post partum hormones... I was hurt that this would mean no more babies. The day he went, he did ask me if I wanted him to wait and not go that day and I will always (ALWAYS) regret not saying "please don't go". I cried for days and days and mourned the loss of all kids that we would never have and I began to wonder if I'd ever fell happy again ( again-prehaps more post partum than anything). In fact, last year was the first year that the anniversary of V-day passed me by without sending me into a day of depression. (It does suck having this memory for dates!) It took five years to reach that point, and yet now as I sit here actually typing out this story, I am reminded of how deeply I regret my decision to not keep him home that day. I'm not sure if we would have had anymore kids (although with our track record ...we probably would have!) but I think I just needed to be in a better frame of mind before something that big took place. Many people tell me that when they had their last child, they just knew that their family was complete and I never had that feeling! I think another problem was that I never imagined that I would be 25 and be totally finished having kids and I was not ready to say goodbye to that part of my life yet...a part of me still isn't. Maybe that's one thing that is drawing me to elementary education...I'll always be around kids and when they grow up, I'll just get new ones, lol!

If you really believed you could change the world, where would you start?

I would start by becoming a teacher! What better place to begin than with children? I hope That I will become one of those teachers that have a special place in the lives of their many of my past teachers do.

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ValleyGirl said...

I think becoming a teacher is an awesome way to change the world. I'm trying desperately to view my position as a wife and stay-at-home mother as my gift to the future of humanity, but some days it's tough to remember that's my goal!! Good answers, Pam.

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