Thursday, June 21, 2007

I survived my first soccer season!

Since the first week of May, I have spent 4 days a week on the soccer field (give or take a few rain days!). Kaden played on Monday and Wednesday and Kezia played on Tuesday and Thursday. As I may have mentioned before, I am not a sports lover of any kind! I never watched or played sports as a kid and I was not looking forward spending hours and hours (outside!) watching sports! However, I have to say that this season has been ... (dare I use the word) enjoyable! I think the fact that we did have some rained out games to break things up a bit helped me survive the season. Of course, another reason why I enjoyed the season was that the kids had some good friends on their teams and therefore I had the company of their parents to chat with during the games. Most of all, I do have to say that watching the kids play the game and become active in the game was exciting too. Exciting but also unfortunate for me, because despite my hope that this would be the first and only soccer season, my two little soccer players have discovered that they LOVE soccer! Seeing how disappointed they were when their games were rained out made me wish the game was still on for them. I was actually hoping that this week would have nice weather so that the kids would get to play their last games...that is totally unlike me!

And what a great last week the kids had! It was perfect weather, unlike those very frosty days back in May! Both kids played really well and even scored a few goals this week! Tonight Kezia was the goal scoring leader when she scored more goals (ok-2 goals total ;) than any of her teammates! We were so proud of her! Both have said they are going to be playing soccer next year, (too bad for mom and Kiandra!) and Kezia is really looking forward to playing next year on an all girls team. I guess knowing that these are Conrad's kids too, I shouldn't be surprised by their enjoyment or talent in sports, but I was hoping, really hoping!, that maybe they would not like sports as much as Conrad does! Oh well, it seems I still have one daughter on my side and is happy that the season is over!


ValleyGirl said...

It's awesome that your kids are active though. That's one thing I definitely want to do differently from the way my parents did it -- I want to encourage physical activity and to make sure I don't just tell them to run outside and play, but to join them at least occasionally too. You being on the sidelines might get taken for granted now, but it's just one more thing that will remind them of what an awesome mom you are/were -- especially since I'm sure they know of your dislike for anything outdoors and sweaty!!!! Way to go, Pam!

Andrea said...

I'm actually looking forward to watching my kids participate in team sports. My heart will be bursting with pride!!

I'm glad you enjoyed it more than you anticipated!!

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