Monday, June 4, 2007

I May Never Look at a Peacock again without Smiling...

Yesterday, we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at the Assiniboine Park Zoo. It was the kid's idea and it was a great one. As we came around the corner from the tropical house we were treated to the sight of, not one but two, of God's most beautiful creatures in all their splendor. Two peacocks were strutting their stuff and subsequently gathered quite a crowd of spectators who were snapping photos and admiring the magnificent birds. Although, I'm sure everyone in the crowd knew why peacocks strut their stuff, and it shouldn't have been surprising given that there was also a female peacock in the vicinity, but everyone was quite surprised when the male peacock flew up and mounted the female. The crowd of spectators nervously giggled in unison, and cameras were put away and the crowd slowly moved away...I guess to give the birds some privacy. Suddenly, my innocent son, oblivious to what was actually occurring, shouted, at the top of his lungs, "Yeah! Trample Him!!" This prompted Conrad and I to seriously laugh out loud! Kaden then added, "oh yeah! Sweet!!" (-his new favourite saying) As I said, I may never look at a peacock again without smiling! I'm laughing now as I type!
One thing that came to mind as I relived this moment before I went to bed, (Isn't it fun to go to bed with a smile on your face??), is that my kids are in such a good place right now. Although I often mourn the passing of their baby and toddler days and long for that time again, I was reminded today of what a special time of their lives they are in right now. We spent almost 3 hours at the zoo yesterday with no strollers, no wagon, no diaper bags, and no temper tantrums and the kids enjoyed the long walk looking at all the animals. The next phase of their lives will come oh-too-quickly as there will come a time when they will not ask us, nor want us, to take them to the zoo, most likely preferring the company of their peers than 'dear old' mom and dad. I also appreciate the fact that today's peacock incident was totally beyond them and they were totally innocent to what was happening. That too, will end too quickly and will become a story that they might repeat much to the pleasure and giggles of their friends. For now, I am perfectly content with my son thinking that the peacocks were having their own "smack down" competion! My kids are in the happy middle ground between the dependence of toddlers and the independence of teens and I want to enjoy their childhood innocence as long as I can. This is probably the one area of my life where I am perfectly content taking 'the long way around' and I love just savouring the lives of my kids, I can't think of a greater joy.


ValleyGirl said...

That's too funny!!! We actually caught the peacock bedroom scene last summer with our girls, too. No smart remarks though -- and definitely ALL the strollers and diapers and kid parapharnelia in tow!!

Andrea said... be able to take a day trip with no stroller, diaper bag, and -- and this is a huge one -- temper tantrums...yeah, I could handle that!!

But I'm still trying to savour the toddler years; they have their pros too!! (although sometimes those pros are hard to remember, like this morning!!)

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