Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Honour Your Husband--30 day Challenge

My friend Tammy is participating in the 30 Day- Honour Your Husband Challenge and I have decided to join her. In the busy-ness of everyday life, it is so easy to take the people you love for granted and not stop and take the time to really acknowledge their importance. Although I'm sure that Conrad knows how much I love and appreciate him, this challenge will help me to make a conscious effort to show my love and appreciation.

My goals for the next 30 days:

  • Get up with him in the morning - I love sleeping in and now that I don't have any classes until September it is very easy to lie in bed while he gets up and has breakfast...and since I also usually don't eat anything until about 10, I much prefer to lounge in my cozy bed until the last possible minute, before I drag myself out of bed to walk the kidlings to school. With school ending in just 3 days, the kids will join me in the slow moving start to the day and so my goal for the next 30 days is to get up with him and sit with him at breakfast. This may sound simple to most people, but it will be a challenge for me!
  • Be more Physical-Conrad and I have totally opposite love languages. I tend to favour Words of affirmation or Acts of service, and Conrad's love language is definitely Physical Touch. Not that Conrad doesn't appreciate a love note or if I were to complete a chore for him, or that I don't enjoy some nice couple time behind a locked bedroom door, **nudge, nudge... wink, wink**, but because Physical Touch is not my prefered way to feel love, I tend to forget that it is his. I want give more hugs and kisses this month to show my love to Conrad in his love language. I will also give him at least two back massages in the next 30 days....I am probably the only person who hates back massages and so the old "If you give me one, then I'll give you one" doesn't fly for him and so a back massage is a rare occurance around here. Here's an online quiz I found to Find out your Love Language
  • Leave the cans of Coke alone!-I am a pop-aholic and we keep the basement fridge (which came in handy last week!) stocked with cans of pop. I drink all kinds of pop, but Conrad prefers coke. Often when he has one, I will think "Hmmm...that looks good!" and I'll help myself to a can of the only pop he drinks. The time will come when all the coke is gone and I still have all my pop (especially my hoarded American pop -cherry 7up, A&W cream soda, Cherry Coke, etc). He hates that and so for the next 30 days I will leave his pop alone...actually maybe I should give up drinking so much pop!
  • Pray for him and let Conrad know how blessed I am to have him as a husband. I also want to ask Conrad if he has anything in particular that I can bring to God in prayer.
  • Cook some of his favourite things-I love making new recipes and Conrad is more of a "same old ... same old" kind of guy. Since discovering recipezaar, I have tried over 900 (*gasp*!) new recipes and so it is rare that I make his favourites. Often after I try a new recipe and ask Con how he likes it, he'll reply: "does it really matter, we'll never have it again anyway!" My goal is to make 4 of his favourite things each week for the next 4 weeks. Although with Recipezaar's cooking contest coming up, this may prove to be a challenge!

I'm posting this as a way of being accountable. Make sure you ask me how I'm doing with my goals! It should be an interesting month, lol! Thanks for posting the challenge Tammy :)


ValleyGirl said...

Oooo, I like the 'cooking his favourite meals' one. I may have to add that one to mine. Greg has very much the same attitude Con does about new meals!!

Pamela said...

Conrad would love it if I would pick 7 meals and make them once a week all the time! Boy did he marry the WRONG girl, lol!

TammyIsBlessed said...

"does it really matter, we'll never have it again anyway" - that's hilarious!!

Congratulations on taking up the challenge!

That getting up with him one would be a doozy for me!

Christine said...

I'm so glad you're taking on the challenge! Those are wonderful goals, I'm looking forward to reading about your progress!

Lori said...

I am borrowing your idea and signed up for the challenge. I'm excited to start! My promises are up on my blog too. I'll be praying for you....especially waking up early, I feel you on that one!

Andrea said...

Waking up early?? Wow -- now if that's not love, I don't know what is!!! Good for you. Share your progresses with us!!

Tish said...

I read "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" a while ago. Exactly as you are doing. I'm not a reviewer but she says:
What are the most common complaints men have about their wives?
* Their women don't seem to have much regard for their feelings and needs
* Their women constantly criticize and dismiss them
* Their women don't seem to want to go out of their way to please them
* Their women nag, demand, and complain – and seem to behave as though they were entitled to do so
* Their women don't make them feel truly needed and valued as men

What are husbands' most important needs?
* He wants to feel like a "man" to his woman; he wants to feel he is providing and protecting
* He wants to feel she needs and admires him
* He wants to know she desires him
* Basically, "The Three A's": appreciation, approval and affection
Sounds to me like you are on the right track!

Pamela said...

Thanks Tish! Very interesting!

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