Saturday, November 21, 2015

Day Trip!

My friend Janice asked if I would be interested in heading down to the States with her for a little shopping and a meal at Pizza Ranch....ummm yes!

It was a great day of laughing, shopping, and catching up. Here's what I returned with:

Thanks Janice for the great day!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Not on the lesson plan!

Every year I make and publish a Grade 1 book with my students based on an author and their work. This year our book is based on Tedd Arnold's Fly Guy series. I found a step-by-step how to draw "Fly Guy" tutorial (here) and we used it to draw Fly Guy. We are now in the final stages to get ready for our book and so I asked them to restart if they made a mistake instead of erasing to keep the picture looking nice for our book....and most of the turned out like this:

But... as I looked around at the half finished drawings that littered the floor and the tables in my classroom I suddenly realized that having these end up in the open recycling bin might raise some eye brows:

*gasp!* Thankfully I think I was the only one that noticed but my teacher peeps had a good laugh with me!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Resume for Kezia

I had planned on staying late at school after today's staff meeting to finish my report card edits and typos and get my envelopes ready for tomorrow's report card day. It turned out to be a little later than expected when Kezia texted and asked if I would help her create a resume. Someone from the restaurant where Kiandra is working is giving her 2 week notice and Kezia would love to take her spot. 

After finding a free funky template for Kiandra's resume a few months ago, I searched out a few to use for Kezia but didn't find any that seemed to work. After wasting too much time on that I finally settled and bought this one on etsy:

It worked perfectly and even came with a matching cover letter template which I was also able to use. I had so much fun creating Kiandra's and I'm glad Kezia let me take a shot at hers too. We will see if this resume will land Kezia a job??

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Here it comes...

After our "date night" at the gas station (we now have about an hour together between when I drop Kaden off at hockey/Conrad gets off work and when Kezia has to be picked up after volunteering at our church's Kids Club/Kaden's practice ends) this was the view after Conrad and I filled up our vehicles:

and this was the view of the back yard after Conrad picked up Kiandra from her night class:

It's coming...
(The only thing that I can find good about this is that Kezia's three soccer friends have been hosting students from Spain for the last 3 months and they have been wanting to experience snow and they leave tomorrow. At least they will have a little bit of a peek at what snow looks like before they leave.)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Not a winning night for the Warriors...

Kaden's team may have gone into today's game with a bit too much confidence after yesterday's 3-2 victory.

Today's game ended with a 9-3 final score. :(

Monday, November 16, 2015


Hello Monday.
Hello menu for the week:

Hello day that went by too fast.
Hello report cards printed and ready for proof reading.
Hello plan for Kaden to take the bus home after school.
Hello ride to hockey arranged.
Hello text from Kaden:

Hello hockey game for Kaden after that:

Hello 3-2 win!
Hello Monday.  Hello.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Operation Christmas Child Shoe boxes

Today was collection day at our church for Operation Christmas Child. We usually do at least a box or two as a family but this year the girls bought supplies and paid for shipping for two boxes each. Kiandra has been keeping a blog and wrote about her 2 shoeboxes here.

I put this box together to quickly yesterday to bring it in today to the church.

I hope the children that receive these boxes feel loved by someone they haven't even met...

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