Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Four Fill-In

Feeling Beachie

The statements:
  1. Living in_____ makes me______
  2. Wondering what will happen always makes me ___________
  3. Looking back I would have ______
  4. Listening to_____ makes me feel_____
The statements:
  1. Living in (my city) makes me wonder why people stay here. Moving to Florida (or somewhere else warm is definitely on my retirement bucket list!)
  2. Wondering what will happen always makes me anxious because I can think of so many things that can go wrong.
  3. Looking back I would have taken more pictures of myself with the kids when they were young.
  4. Listening to our school's CEO on the radio today makes me feel not quite ready to go back to school on Tuesday!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday 13

13 things I'm thankful for:

 1. The last 10 days. Family vacations are awesome. I was reminded often that with Kiandra's graduation in just 10 months that vacations with all of us are not going to be as easy. I'm thankful for the time we were able to spend together.

2. Lazy starts to a day. With school starting next week, the slow start to the day is coming to an end.

3. Friends that plan Mom and kids pool parties and host them in their back yard.

4. Great weather for the pool party. It wasn't as hot as Florida...but it was still awesome. ;)

5. Our church. Spending time with the moms and kids this afternoon reminded me that God has blessed us with a great church family and great peers for our kids.

6. That only stuff was lost when the garage next door to the rental house was burned to the ground:

7. That our rental house garage only sustained minor vinyl siding meltage during the fire and that the fire did not spread any farther into the garage or on to the deck or house.

8. Saying goodbye to this dirty carpet (years of Grade 1 friends wear and tear and spills and "accidents"):

9. Saying hello to this brand new carpet!

10. painting and decorating the room first and THEN finding the perfect coloured carpet to match. You really would have thought I did it the other way around.

11. Being at school until after 10:30pm and still not being the last one in the building. All my teacher peeps are workaholics! I'm in good company!

12. Remembering to park on the street instead of in the parking lot so that I don't have to lock the gate.

13. Leaving my classroom looking like this:

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Do Life Big

Kiandra and Kezia put together this video using video footage they took while in Florida. It's a great glimpse of what they saw and did over the last 10 days. (I'm in the process of back dating posts from each day of our trip. If you're curious, you can keep checking back to see what days I've updated.)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Home again, Home again...

...jiggity jig.

It was a long day to get home starting at 5:30am when the alarm rang...goodbye Seralago Hotel!

A stop at Krispy Kreme...

which was almost a terrible idea when it took half an hour to get 2 iced coffees and 1 smoothie and a donut! The delay *almost* made us late for our plane because we didn't anticipate how long it would be to get back to the airport. However, we were rushed through security, caught the monorail quickly:

and made it to the boarding area with about 2 minutes to spare before they called people to board the planed....goodbye MCO...

Hello layover....

Lunch at Chilis in the Airport:

and then 1 more flight to get closer to home:

and that's the end

We had time to do a little shopping and then I picked up a package at the parcel pick up and then it was time to return to reality...

Monday, August 25, 2014

You know you are in for a rude awakening....

...when 30 degrees feels too cold for a water park! Our plan was to spend our last full day in Orlando at Aquatica but when we woke up in the morning, the humid-ex dropped and instead of feeling much warmer than the actual temperature, it felt more like the real temperature. All 3 kids unanimously decided to forgo a trip to the water park and just hang around at the hotel pool and then do some shopping and an earlier dinner out. So instead of battling line-ups and paying for parking we just did some of this:

and some taking in of views like this:

and some trick mastering:

and some quietness:

and some more tricks like carrying snacks through the pool instead of around it:

It was a good choice!

We're in trouble though when we get home and today's temperature there was a good 15 degrees colder!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sea World (Day 2) and Disney Glimpse

Today we went to Sea World again. 

On our "must do" list we took the family photo in front of the 5oth anniversary sign that I wanted to do.

We touched sting rays:

and the highly anticipated dolphin feeding! The last time we were here, we had just paid for the kids to feed something (I can't remember now what it was!) but to "feed" them you literally threw food into the tank....and we felt it was a waste of money. When we saw you could "feed" the dolphins a little while later we opted to not feed them but then realized too late that you could actually feed them by hand and pet them too. The kids had been looking forward to feeding them ever since.

Unfortunately, Kezia started feeling dizzy (she thinks from the heat) and only fed a few of her fish before heading out of the feeding area. 

After that, the kids and Conrad had "ride Manta" again on their must-do list and so they rode it a few times (no line) and I stayed in the area since I'm not a roller coaster fan. I happened to catch the "character photo time" with Franklin and thought since the line only had 2 people that I would get a picture with Franklin to show my Grade 1 friends. 

After riding Manta a few times and Kraken a few times the kids decided that they were basically done and it was about 3 o'clock. They would have liked to ride the Antarctica ride one more time but with it being a Sunday and a new exhibit it was quite a long line. Conrad and I were surprised when they all agreed they'd be fine with leaving. So we snapped a few pics on our way out and we left...

We decided to head to Downtown Disney to eat a late lunch and do a bit of browsing. I would have preferred to do Disney parks this time but it was impossible to justify the cost difference so this was my peek as we browsed the shops overloaded with Disney merchandise and it was a real bargain because parking was free!

We ate at Earl of Sandwich which was quite tasty but not very filling for my hungry family.

We checked out the shops but it became very clear that my kids are not as young as they used to be because very little interested them as they were browsing.

Then it was back to the hotel for some pool time.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Shopping Day

Today was a shopping and pool day. 

The shopping haul included:
1 pair Converse for Kezia
1 pair Converse for Kiandra
1 pair Supra shoes for Kaden
1 pair runners for Kaden
1 dress for Kezia/Kiandra
3 pairs of jeans for Kezia
1 pair of flip flops for Conrad (after his were taken from the pool area(!) when left there overnight)

After our day of shopping we went to one of the restaurants on my bucket list:

The ice cream is made from a liquid base and fresh ingredients and then flash frozen right in front of you using liquid nitrogen. Very cool!

See that map behind where Conrad and Kaden are playing? We were the first ones to put a pin in our city. 

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