Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Matinee Dress Rehearsal

It's the second week of musical shows around our house! Today it was Kaden't turn to take the stage. The official shows are tomorrow night and Thursday night but today's performance for the younger kids at our school and two classes from our other campus allowed the Grade 8 cast and crew to show off their efforts to a "real" audience. This musical experience has stretched Kaden out of his comfort zone. It was really cool to see him trying something new. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Never thought...

...I'd ever make a special trip to shop for lipstick ...with, and for, my son!

We were searching for a specific L'Oreal lipstick called "cinnamon toast" that was recommended by the make-up artist at the dress rehearsal because it was perfect shade for men. Who would've thought?!

Matinee performance tomorrow!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Not me

I did not, after watching calories meticulously for the last 60 days, splurge on a gourmet doughnut on the way to musical practice. No. Not. Me. I only eat healthy all the time and I would never be tempted by the French Toast filled donut or the drool worthy turtle variety. Never would I touch those...

I also would never send the kids off from the parking lot and stay in the van to take a picture of the donut before biting in. Nope. Not me!

I also would never have taken the keys out of ignition and leave them between the van seats and then promptly lock the van doors and close them. Nope. Not me. 

I would not have to have a friend with CAA call and have them pry open the door to get them. Nope. I have never locked myself out of things in my whole life. Not my parent's house, not Conrad's car while it was still running, not my mailbox in my apartment, and of course I would never have locked myself out of my apartment on my wedding day. Nope. not me! ;)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Final Curtain

The very best part of the final night of musical is that everyone stays in their costumes after the show and there are plenty of photo ops with the cast. I'm so thankful for musical. I'm thankful for the productive busy-ness. I'm thankful for the perseverance and dedication the cast and crew learn through this experience. I'm most thankful for the deep friendships that my friends have gained through musical. I'm thankful. So. Thankful. 

I'm thankful for all the friends and family who came out to see the show this week. Tonight's show had 15 people in the audience who had come to support the girls. We enjoyed having Kaden's friend Jennifer and her family over for supper before the musical. (photo of us all waiting in line here) Kaden and Jennifer are eagerly anticipating their school's musical next week.

I love this picture of my girls with my friend Janice:

...and then it was done. The curtain had come down. 
The (uncomfortable!) seats had emptied: 

The musical has been such a huge part of Kiandra's high school experience. Kezia will have another 2 years and then her season will end too. It was a bit emotional to see this chapter end for Kiandra. I'd been dreading this end as I've dreaded all "lasts" this year. People keep reminding me that as this chapter closes, new ones will open and they will be enjoyable too. I know that. At least I want to believe that but I also know that I am really enjoying this chapter and to see the end approaching is hard and scary. I've come to believe that as much as I thought that I loved change that I actually don't like it one bit. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Night 3

Today was a LONG day...a full day of teaching...followed by 11 parent/teacher interviews...followed by rushing to the school to catch the rest of the night's 3rd musical performance. I was about 40 minutes late but I'm still glad to catch this second last opportunity to watch Kiandra and Kezia on stage. Here are some more photo of them in action:

And after tonight's bow, Kiandra will have one more chance tomorrow...

Kiandra and Kezia's fan club in the audience included Conrad, Kaden, and our oldest family friends. Meguire will perform in her school's musical just after Spring Break and we're looking forward to watching her show.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Night 2-Date Night

I spend so much time behind the camera. I like to snap pictures as a sort of "pause" button so that I can savour moments in pictures. Since I have started coming to the musical more than 1 night, I have decided to declare a hands free night for one entire show. I watch it first hand instead of behind the lens. Conrad and I were able to attend this evening together and we snapped up perfect 3rd row seats which was a different view from yesterday's center seats in the same row. This spot prompted me to break my "no pictures" rule when I had to reach for my camera to snap this:

during one of the scenes. Yesterday I didn't even know where they were sitting and so when I saw the girls come out, I grabbed my camera for a quick shot.

What a great show! The nerves that peeked out yesterday were completely gone. Timing was impeccable. Lines were clearer. Characters were funnier than yesterday. What a joy to watch the efforts of all the hours spent making this script come to life. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Opening Night

Finally... and yet all too soon...musical week is here. This is Kiandra's very very very last musical week. Her last 7 shows of musical. Her last. The end of what has, for the most part, been her favourite part of her high school experience. 

Last December, Kiandra tried out for the lead. Generally Grade 12s get all the leads and Kiandra, who has had a part for each year, was excited to think that it was her turn to take a prominent part.  There were new people in charge of casting and battling a bout of bronchitis didn't help even though she had been practicing all summer for this part. However, that did not happen... but I learned that my daughter is more mature and more gracious than I would ever be (read about it here). True to her word, Kiandra was the best "second woman" ever! She did receive a few bit parts throughout the practices which made her part a bit bigger and she was able to wear a mic the whole show. 

The girls have been very secretive about everything and they managed to keep it a secret that Kezia also had been given a bit of a bigger part and she even had a mic for part of the time! They are getting pretty good at keeping secrets! 

Some (!!) photos from the show: 

6 shows left! (three matinees and three evenings)

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