Saturday, August 17, 2019

First load...

Kiandra is in BC, Keiza went cliff jumping with some friends, Kaden went to visit Danielle at the cabin, Conrad was working, and the weather was terrible so today seemed like a good day to bring my first load to school:

My classroom looked like this when I arrived:

and looked like this a few hours later:

I even got the front bulletin board ready for the office opening next week:

Friday, August 16, 2019


Annual tradition! Rainbow Stage!

Kezia brought her friend Kezia because Kiandra was in BC camping with her Capernwray friends and Melanie and Meguire joined us. I went early to secure our "Best Seats in the House" tickets:

and then we all got to enjoy good seats for a great price:

They have an instagram carriage contest going on so we had to take some photos:

and what a great show it was!

The sets, the talent, the costume was all so well done!

Can't wait until the tradition continues next year!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Mom Life

What a crazy time it is being a mom to adult children. It's a bittersweet time where you are removed from the dependency of their earlier stages and amazed at the independence of this current stage. I will be the first to admit that I am not always happy to be in this new stage. Partly because I never thought that at 43 years old, that all my children would be legal adults and partly because their childhood years have passed by so incredibly fast. I'm naturally a worrier and watching my children grow up and spread their wings has brought me to my knees in prayer. I love that they are doing awesome things, experiencing amazing adventures, and (so far!) making good choices. However, I often long for the predictable-ness that existed when they were kids and knowing what they were going to be doing, and who they were going to be with, and that all of them would be at home under the same roof every night. There is not predictable-ness anymore and I'm never sure who is going to be home, how long they are going to be there, or when they will be back. It's ushered in a very new stage and I am slowly learning to embrace it. 

Today, I drove Kiandra to the airport at 4:15am. I was glad she asked me to. For the very first time, I just dropped Kiandra off instead of walking her in. Partly because I was exhausted after two long days on set and a short night in between and partly because I knew she'd be fine. It's not that I've given up on worrying about her (or given up stalking her on the find my friends app to know she arrived!) but I am slowly realizing that phasing myself out of this job IS the plan. I don't want them to be reliant on me forever, I don't want them to think that I don't believe that they can do this one their own, and I want them to embrace new adventures and opportunities with gusto. I am learning how to be a mom of adults...changing my role from boss to advisor (if asked).

I thought about this new stage as I went through my day. I am thankful for the adults my children are becoming and the tiny part that Conrad and I have had in who they are. After the day camp BBQ, Conrad and Kaden went to the football game and Kezia and I dropped Kiandra's car off for some warranty work. I treated her to some bubble tea in celebration of 1 more day of regular day camp before Junior High camp next week. 

It's crazy to think of this once shy little girl (who literally sat out at birthday parties) is an assistant director at our church's day camp. I could have never imagined this is what she would be doing. She is confident, organized, and responsible. As I help out at the BBQ suppers each week, I am blown away by her as she handles the parents, campers, volunteers, and staff. Kezia will begin the nursing program at the end of August. She will, no doubt, continue to amaze and surprise me. 

I spent the last two days on the sidelines of a make-believe basketball game. I got to whoop and holler as I cheered on my team. I may have been an "extra" and just in the background, but the director needed some people in the stands to make his movie. I'm not the main role. I'm not the star. However, I will be engaged in the action while on the sidelines and you can guarantee that I will be cheering with all my heart when my kids are out in their lives "making plays". I'm thankful for the chance to be on the sidelines watching them being on their game. I'm thankful for my Mom-life.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Where everybody knows your name...

I purchased my 3rd case of peaches from my favourite local market:

I may have been recognized by one of the employees there who knew I was there to buy peaches. He told me "there's no judgement" but I felt kind of embarrassed that he recognized me and that he always seems to be working when I come by!

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Garden Harvest

This was our garden box on May 22:
(check out that tiny tomato plant in the corner!)

When we got home from Cambodia in July the lettuce had gone crazy and was almost as tall as Kiandra:

Today, we harvested our first crop of these tiny pea sized tomatoes:

and look what that tiny plant looks like now:

Saturday, August 10, 2019

What's on the BBQ?

Click on photos for the recipe!

Friday, August 9, 2019

Hot Yoga Date Night

I love that we have a standing hot yoga date night every Friday...

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