Saturday, November 22, 2014

Game Day

The day began early on the sidelines of the soccer pitch this morning:

Which ended in a 4-0 loss for Kezia's team:

The middle of the day was all about Kiandra as she prepares for her call back audition on Monday. She's going to have to be "on her game".

The day ended with a late hockey game:

and a goal for Kaden!

but ended with a 4-2 loss:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dear High School Musical 3

Thank you for providing me and my
girls with some couch potato time
this evening. You reminded me what it
was like to be a graduate not so long ago.
You now make me glimpse graduation in a new
way as it is not so far away. Thank you for
the reminder that everything is just a season.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

23 Years

Or more specifically 8402 days.

That's the amount of time that Conrad and I have been a couple.  He officially asked me out on November 19, 1991 after my years of relentless chasing after him. I think he just got tired of running! ;)

I am reminded daily that I am incredibly blessed by having Conrad in my life. It has been an amazing 8402 days.

I found these pictures of us from 1991. I also found this oldie of us before we started dating. I know I was in Grade 9 because my friend Naren often came with me that year and we were in different schools when we started Grade 10. I also know Conrad cut his hair right before summer that year and as you can see, his hair is not cut ;)

This photo really takes me back to these early days of being head over heels with this guy.

23 years. Wow. It so hard to believe that my kids are almost exactly this same age. Where does the time go?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Snapshots from 50s day

I have a class instagram account to let my Grade 1 families peek into our day. It teaches kids about internet safety (we have a strict no faces rule) and it gives parents a chance to see what we are doing. Here's what my Grade 1 families saw today:

making "records" for our 50s day decorations

records hung:

snippets of a "then and now" slide show:

Our writing activity:

Stations this afternoon:

floats and milk shakes:

50 biscuits:

math book:

Roll a Record Game:

money book:

50s day hats:

Always a good time in Grade 1! There is so much to completing 50 days at school! :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

A night of lasts

After school, Kaden had his first round of playoffs for volleyball. His team finished in first place and they were quite certain they would win against this team that they had previously beaten easily. I has gifted the ability to watch the games in their entirely AND have photos from the game. Our yearbook co-editor had my camera to take some pictures for the yearbook and she caught many great shots of Kaden in action. 

This one was the picture our yearbook editor was most proud of because she came over after the game with this picture zoomed in and a huge smile on her face as she showed me Kaden's hair:

Kaden's team narrowly lost the first game and then lost the second game 25-20. And just like that...volleyball season came to an abrupt end. It was the last middle school volleyball game he will ever play and likely the last middle school volleyball game that I will watch. 

Realizing this, I asked to Kaden pose for me and this is what I got:

It was another last for Kiandra tonight. It was her very last musical audition night. Participating in the musical has been the highlight of high school for Kiandra. Tonight was her last audition. For her last musical. It's actually surreal to me that this has arrived so quickly. I remember how excited she was to get her part in Les Miserables in Grade 9. I remember how excited she was to get a call back in Grade 10 and then the excitement of getting the role of Gretl (the exact part she was hoping for!). I remember last year when the girls auditioned with a dance routine and then the excitement of getting exactly the roles they wanted. Musical season has been such an important part of high school for Kiandra and I was super excited when I heard their auditions were later in the evening and that I would be able to share in the news of how their auditions went right after they happened. Unfortunately, a school event came up in the evening and I could not be there right after. I was pretty bummed to miss that. This is the LAST one....and a big one for Kiandra. She has been so fortunate to get exactly what she was hoping for each year. This year she is really hoping to get the role of Babe who is one of the lead characters. It will be tough. She is also on meds for bronchitis. I was so nervous for her all day. Kezia is also auditioning but is hoping to get a little bit of a bigger part than last year but she still has 2 years of musical left. This is Kiandra's last time. I was able to hear about their auditions by text and Kiandra sent me this update after:

I kept my phone in my pocket during the school event and was thrilled to get this news:

Now she waits. Friday sometime (after everyone is finished their auditions) she will get the call back information. Likely it will be a few songs they want to hear her sing. Then callback auditions will be on Monday. Then they all wait to hear the news when the cast list is revealed during the first week of December. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Late game loss

Kaden is getting older and so some of his games are later in the evening. I think some games are a bit too late but that might be because Kaden needs more sleep (and that I don't like being out until 10:00 on a school night ;)

Kaden's team has been doing pretty good but tonight's game was not a good one for them. They were down 1-0 at the end of he first and then it didn't take long for the other team to pull ahead even more.

Kaden helped assist their team's only goal and the final score was a disappointing 7-1. Oh well...better luck next time!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

I still haven't mastered...

...being in two places at once. Today, Kaden had a hockey game at the same time as Kezia's soccer game so I chose to watch soccer since there are fewer games and Kaden is playing another game tomorrow night.

Kezia's team played so well and Kezia even had a nice shot on goal. (She plays defence so this is more rare). They managed a goal quite early in the first half and played hard to keep that lead. 

They did it! Final score 1-0! I was so glad to be there for the win...

...but was so disappointed to learn that Kaden had scored his first goal of the season and I missed it. :( 

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