Saturday, March 18, 2017


Today was game three in a best of 5 series in the battle for city champions! Kaden's team has won the first 2 games and today they could take it...

Kaden scored the second goal of the game and the goals kept coming....

They stopped putting the score up after 7 goals but the final score was 9-0.

What a fantastic end to a great year of hockey. They were in first place for almost the whole season and came out with a big sweep to become the city champions!

They got medals:

(is it just me or does Kaden look extra tall in this photo??!)

and a big banner! Great job Warriors!

They played hard and what an end to this season!

And so I hung up my hockey blanket for the last time of the season....

We were hoping for another victory at the fundraising event that Kiandra's youth adult missions team was hosting this evening. They planned a game show trivia night for their upcoming trip to Cambodia. Kiandra helped kick off the event:
 There was also a dessert auction with these awesome desserts:

These were Kiandra's contributions:

The Oreo cheesecake was bid on (and then guarded) by my nephews. They did win it in the end.

Our team (table 19) was "Cheeto Dust" and consisted of me and Conrad, my friend Janice, Kaden and Maddy, Kezia, and my friend Mel and her son Jonah. We thought we were pretty stacked and we did pretty well on the first few rounds but then we fell behind and didn't even place in the top 5. However it was a very fun evening and we had a great time.

It was a very busy and very fun day full of great and awesome things.

Friday, March 17, 2017

date night on the other side of city

Kaden was scheduled to return from his band trip this evening around 10:00pm so I stayed at school for a few hours to tidy my classroom. Conrad joined me on this end of the city to go for dinner and then wait for Kaden.

We tried a new place and it was delicious with HUGE servings:
huge and massive servings:

Conrad's snaps of our meal:


We were able to get updates from Kaden's game during dinner and before the end of the meal we learned that Kaden's team had won their second game in the best of five series 5-2. It will be game 3 tomorrow and if they win, they will be the City Champions!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Showtime again...

I love it when I get reminders that show me that even when a stage passes that a new one arrives to take its place.

I was feeling kind of sad yesterday as I walked away from musical and the end of that stage. I'm quite sad and overwhelmed when I think of all the "lasts" that my children are approaching and yesterday I thought it was the last time I would get to see one of my children on stage in a high school musical.

However, when I arrived home after staff meeting, I found out that Kiandra and Katrine were going to the musical tonight. (Kiandra had gone on Tuesday, but Katrine had not seen it). A few texts later I was heading off to the show again.

Even though I knew that THIS would be the last time (for real) it was a cool reminder that the end of this musical season also means the beginning of watching musical WITH my girls instead of watching them. I really enjoyed tonight's show and got to sneak in some photos of the scenes from a new angle:
and take close ups of some of the sets Kezia helped create:

and because I had seen the show before, I could anticipate where she would be and even caught a pic of Kezia in action:

Not the best picture, but Kezia was the head of the dragon in one of the final scenes:

I am so glad I got to go tonight, one more time, and savour this season just a wee bit longer.

The "lasts" will still come but there are new beginnings too. I hope that next year I get the chance to go to the musical with both my girls and we can watch the show together!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Endings and Beginnings

Today Kaden left for a Jazz band trip and of course I had to send him off with some (snacks and puns!). He is not taking band next year and won't be going on this trip next year. Days of band events are coming to and end...

Kiandra had a promising voice over audition to voice a character for a children's video game. This could be the beginning of something pretty cool!

Today with Kaden away and Kiandra at a meeting for her upcoming trip to Cambodia, Conrad and I had date night at Kezia's high school performance of Shrek the musical. This is the last musical we will watch with the involvement of one of our kids. After 6 years, it's hard to believe this is the end of musical season in our house. Kezia has worked back stage for the last 2 musicals. She helped with sets and props and during the musical she moves the sets and props.

Our last time in the audience with one of our kids on stage:

It was a fabulous show! Already last year we noticed that we hardly knew any of the people in the and even less cast members looked familiar this year.

But we did get to see Kezia on stage for the final bows:

Kezia and her friend Haley posed for a picture after the show:

and I snapped this one on the cast and crew board:

and then it was over. Before we left the school, I dragged Conrad to the corner staircase where it all began:

This was the exact spot where Conrad asked me out on November 19, 1991. It was the beginning of something very good.

In a few months, Kezia will graduate from this school and because Kaden is attending a different high school this will be the end of our family's time here. (I guess unless one day our kids have their kids go here??!)

When we arrived home, clues to another new beginning awaited on the bar counter:

It was Kiandra's welcome package which arrived in the mail today. Kiandra was accepted to work at a camp in France in July. She has to report to camp on July 5. She will be working at American Village an opportunity she learned about from someone in the young adults group at church. She will be a counselor for children and will be doing all kinds of "camp" things in English for French children. She is looking forward to the experience. I am not looking forward to having her leave....

Beginnings and endings. Sometimes I long for the "same old...same old".

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Game 1

Kaden's team began a best of 5 series today and is playing for the title of City Champions!

We were so glad to be playing this particular team instead of the one we thought we would be playing during this season. 

Kaden was playing centre this evening:
and then with just under two minutes left in the game...Kaden assisted this goal and I actually caught it on video:

Kaden's team got an empty net goal at the very end with 9 seconds left to make the final score 3-1.

1 game won...2 to go!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Perfect timing

Planning the movie afternoon and pj day reward that we earned for I Love to Read Month for the Monday after time change was a very. good. idea.

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