Saturday, September 17, 2016

Something New

Today was a day of new things...

New class! Kiandra and I signed up for a beginners aerial silks class:
It was fun! We look forward to coming back next week!

New fine to pay: Apparently I didn't come to a "full and complete stop" at a stop sign and was awarded this $203.80 fine. I'm wondering if the guy had a quota to make because as I looped around to leave, another vehicle was pulled over and was getting a ticket. 

I tried a new recipe for supper:

New married couple: Kaden went to his first wedding without the rest of the fam. He was also an usher for the first time.

New dishwasher: The rental house got a new dishwasher! Conrad installed it last night and our tenants were very happy with it.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Feet Up Friday

I saw the hashtag #TeacherFeetUpFriday a little while ago and I think it's awesome. Putting your feet up usually happens AFTER the work. I totally feel like after the busy first full week of Grade 1 AND the many late nights spent at school because of volleyball that I have earned a night to put my feet up. Today's date night consisted of take out pizza and Netflix and *maybe* being asleep when the kids got home from youth....maybe.....

Thursday, September 15, 2016

At least there's one good thing....

...about staying at school until 9:30 at night....I am completely and totally caught up and prepped for the next day.

Volleyball season means that it doesn't pay to go home in between school and practices. It means late nights for me and Kaden. However, I'm thankful for the school where I teach because I can get stuff done at school and that only makes me feel better about my days during these hectic and busy September days. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Kiandra has had her voiceover demo online for over a year. She's had a few calls to audition for various projects but none of them panned out into something more....until today!

Kiandra got an email a few days ago that a client had requested her for a project after hearing her demo at the agency. Requested her. So cool!

So today, Kezia went with Kiandra to the studio and sent me this:

After a quick recording session, they were done and Kiandra recorded her first project...and made a pretty decent pay cheque for 15 minutes of work!

Who knows what opportunities lie ahead for her??

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hello Monday

Hello Monday
Hello bible posting day 
Hello first full week of this school year
Hello menu planning back in full swing

Hello newly graduated kindergarten students...welcome to Grade 1!
Hello routines taught
Hello reminders
Hello strained voice not used to so much talking!

Hello journals
Hello painting
Hello writing
Hello reading
Hello math games
Hello awesome and amazing job that I have

Hello snap from Kaden
Hello Volleyball list
Hello made it through another cut
Hello late night volleyball tryout ...7:30-9:30
Hello supper at school
Hello getting lots done
Hello last one to leave the school

Hello late quiet ride home
Hello lunch packing
Hello bed...goodnight!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hanging up the cleats

This little cutie started playing soccer in Grade 2 when a friend of hers asked her to play. She joined because her friend asked her to and we thought it would be a short term gig....

What a surprise that she played again the next summer and then joined an indoor league as well that next fall...

When her friend moved up to developmental we were sure Kezia would choose not to play any more but she didn't. She grew in her skills and in her friendships with the other girls on her team.

Soccer became a big part of Kezia's life (and mine on the sidelines!) as she played with the same coach and many of the same girls year after year, outdoor and indoor, seasons. They won some games and the won some tournaments:

Their last indoor season was a big win when they won city championships. They lost many games and tournaments too but they played hard and they had fun each and every game. Even when they were losing terribly, the girls had a bond that made them enjoy the games no matter what the score. I know that Kezia has made some lifelong friends through soccer. Her main coach over these last 7 years has been such a huge influence on her life. I am thankful for soccer. Despite the lousy weather, the unbearable mosquitoes, and hours and hours driving to, and being, on the sidelines, I am thankful for this season of soccer that I have been fortunate to attend. 

Today was the end. Kezia, and many of her friends from the team have decided between working and a busy grade 12 year that soccer will not be on their schedule this year. This is the end. Another chapter closes....

I was sure to capture Kezia's last game in pictures (her team has two more but she is off to Ottawa next week and will miss them). 

and that's the end. I missed a picture of Kezia with her cleats (I guess she already hung them up!) but I'm happy she actually let me snap this one after the game. 

Farewell soccer season and thanks for the memories!
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